Photo Gallery: Commodores Graduate

Under bright blue skies with a cool breeze blowing, Vanderbilt University celebrated the graduation of the 2006 senior class. VandyMania's Whitney D shares photos from the morning's ceremony.

First the candidates for graduation lined up for the procession onto Alumni Lawn. Point guard Erica Grimaldi, who graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Secondary Education and English, was a marshall for the Peabody graduates.

Forward/center Nicole Jules wore the black-and-gold Kente cloth stole from the Black Graduates' Recognition Ceremony on Thursday evening.

The late Kwane Doster, who was shot and killed in December 2004 and was a member of the class of 2006, was remembered in the Commencement program. Three of his roommates were among the graduates . . .

. . . Julian Terrell, forward on the men's basketball team . . .

. . . Ronnie Swoopes, wide receiver on the football team . . .

. . . and Mario Moore, point guard fon the men's basketball team.

As the procession of the candidates for graduation continued, Chancellor Gordon Gee reviewed his notes for the ceremony.

Alumni Lawn was packed with the graduates and their families. All candidates for degrees, including professional degrees as well as undergraduate degrees from all the colleges, gathered in the front of the crowd, with families and friends behind them.

Some undergraduates watched their friends and teammates receive their diplomas. Bryant Anderson, a redshirt freshman wide receiver on the football team, just completed his sophomore year of school.

Liz Sherwood, a redshirt sophomore center for the women's basketball team, just completed her junior year of school, and Brennan "Mr. Commodore" McDavid just finished her junior year.

Basketball fans know him as "Skooch", but according to the Commencement program, he is Edward Alvah Skuchas. Either way, he received his degree in Computer Engineering.

Diploma in hand, Mario Moore waved to fans as he returned to his seat.

After the ceremony ended, graduates and their families were invited to the Chancellor's traditional Strawberries and Champagne reception.

Nicole Jules and her mother Deborah enjoyed a champagne toast together (don't worry, they're both of legal drinking age).

At the reception, Erica Grimaldi posed for a photo with her proud parents, Tom and Mary Grimaldi, and her sister Maureen, who just finished her freshman year of college.

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Photos copyright 2006 by Whitney D for Top Stories