Vanderbilt's Jared Hawkins talks with VM

Vanderbilt running back Jared Hawkins is anxious to get on the field after spending the 2005 season as a red shirt. VandyMania talked with the talented running back who has moved into the number 2 Commodore running back position.

VandyMania: So where are you at now?
Jared Hawkins: I'm in Texas.

VM: How did school go for you?
JH: It went good. I ended up with a 2.8.

VM: How did it feel to be redshirted?
JH: It was hard because you are used to playing. I'm just ready now to come back this year and do really well.

VM: Yeah, sounds like you did pretty good in spring practice. How do you think you did in spring practice?
JH: It went good. I was kind of disappointed because I strained my hamstring. But I still ended up doing pretty well.

VM: What did the coaches tell you as far as your performance?
JH: They were happy with me. As of right now I'm the second running back behind Cassen. They told me to make sure I get into my playbook and learn my plays and protections. That's the biggest thing.

VM: What do you think your strengths are as a running back?
JH: I would say my vision, my quickness and strength. I can find the holes in there. I feel I have the speed to get away from defenders.

VM: What are the coaches telling you as far as how you'll be utilized in 2006?
JH: There going to use me for different plays. Try to get me out in the open and make people miss.

VM: How many carries do you expect to get a game in 2006?
JH: I'm not really sure how many carries but what coach Carter says he does is if he has two running backs that can play he'll split time between them. So I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a good amount of carries.

VM: So, are you excited about Michigan?
JH: I'm excited about it. One of my friends that graduated with me [Mark Ortmann] went to Michigan to play offensive tackle.

VM: Really, you guys talking some smack with each other?
JH: Yeah [laughter].

VM: So what did you tell him?
JH: I just told him to be sure he's ready.

VM: Ready to be 0-1?
JH: Yeah [laughter].

VM: How does it feel to you knowing you could get your first college carry in a place like An Arbor?
JH: I'm just really excited about it. It's going to be something to remember.

VM: So what are your plans for the summer?
JH: I came back home for May. Then I'll be back up at school for June and July. I'll be working out, watching film and getting ready for the season.

VM: Are you going to take some classes?
JH: No, I'm not.

VM: So what is your forty speed now?
JH: I run a 4.4.

VM: What is your bench press?
JH: 340.

VM: 340? What's your height and weight?
JH: 5-10, 188.

VM: And you bench 340 pounds?
JH: Yes.

VM: That's incredible!

VM: How much did you bench when you showed up at Vanderbilt?
JH: About 300.

VM: Wow. Strong as an ox and fast. Well no wonder you moved up to number two running back.

VM: What are some of the things Vanderbilt fans can expect to see in the 2006 offense as compared to the 2005 offense?
JH: I feel that we are going to do very well at running the ball. We have a big position to fill with Jay Cutler leaving but I think Chris Nickson and Mackenzi Adams Adams will do a good job filling the spot. Everybody on the offensive side of the ball, we've all got to do our part and just make things happen.

VM: Do you have any preference in a quarterback?
JH: No, I don't. They are both very good.

VM: [laughter] Nobody wants to answer that question!

VM: What are some of Chris Nickson's strengths in your eyes as compared to Mackenzi Adams?
JH: Chris is real good at scrambling and making things happen. He's got a real strong arm. Mackenzi is probably a little bit more accurate but he can run also. They are both threats for running and passing.

Jared Hawkins runs in spring practice (VM/Stan Jones)

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