4 star linebacker may visit Vanderbilt

Pennsylvania running back/linebacker Steve Paskorz (6-2, 220, 4.5) from Hampton High School in Allison Park is planning on hitting the road this summer. Nashville is a place he'd like to visit.

With offers from Iowa, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Michigan, Pittsburgh, Virginia, West Virginia, Mississippi and Temple, as well as heavy attention from Notre Dame, Ohio State, Clemson, Stanford and UCLA, Paskorz believes he should visit as many schools as possible before he narrows the field down.

"I don't have a top five yet because I want to see a lot of the schools myself," Paskorz said. "My family and I travel a lot every summer. We're doing the school tour this year. I know for sure I want to visit Ohio State, Notre Dame, Clemson, Vandy and maybe Virginia again.

"I'm going to Ohio State next month. I want to clarify that I don't have an offer from Ohio State yet. I don't know how it came about that they already offered. Coach (Joe) Daniels and I talk and text each other a lot. He was at my school a couple of weeks ago too. They haven't offered yet because they are waiting to see me at full strength. I played all last season with a torn ligament in my right ankle. I had surgery to repair it after the season. I'm at about 90 per cent right now and the doctors say I'll be ready to go by June. They seem really interested. Coach Daniels is just waiting for me to tell them when I'll be there. Hopefully, I'll leave with the offer. They'd be up there on my list if they offered.

"I want to visit Notre Dame too," he said. "I've talked to Coach Coach (Charlie) Weis and Coach (John) Latina a few times. Coach Latina text messages me a lot. I know they're really interested, but they want to see some more defensive stuff before they offer. It looks pretty good though; my coach told me they recently pulled my transcripts.

"I want to try to get to Clemson, Vandy and Virginia too. Both Clemson and Vandy are steeped in southern football tradition. I'll be in Tennessee after Ohio and then hopefully hit South Carolina and then up to Virginia.

"Virginia is recruiting me the hardest," Paskorz said. "They are very consistent. I get two or three letters a week from them. They text and call me pretty regularly too. I went down there for the spring game and got to see a little bit of the campus. They really want to get me back down there so I can have a proper tour and learn more about the program and the coaches."

Paskorz said Stanford and UCLA have stepped up their recruiting lately. "I've got a lot of stuff from both schools. Coach (Tom) Freeman from Stanford was at my school last week. We didn't talk much. I just said hello to him. I haven't talked with any one from UCLA yet, but the send me a lot of personal letters inviting me out there. I don't think I'll make it out to the West Coast this summer, but I wouldn't mind taking a visit out there later on this year.

"Distance isn't a factor for me. I want to look at everything before I make any decisions. Education, my relationship with the coaches and atmosphere are all very important to me," he said.

Paskorz reports a 3.5 core GPA and is awaiting May SAT results.

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