Interview: Vanderbilt RB Cassen Jackson

Vanderbilt's Cassen Jackson-Garrison is poised to be the go to guy at running back during the 2006 season. VandyMania talked with Jackson-Garrison about the Michigan game and his plans for the summer.

VandyMania: Will you be returning any punts or kickoffs this season?
Cassen Jackson-Garrison: We haven't really got into all that yet so I'm not exactly sure what's going to go on with all that but I'll be more than happy to.

VM: What are your thoughts on Michigan?
CJG: Just like every other game we go into. I'm going to do film study on them, prepare. I'm not going to look at them as some big powerhouse. That's just psyching yourself out. I'm going to look at them as I do every other team. Just prepare and say it's another game.

VM: You guys definitely won't have to worry about being flat.
CJG: Oh no. No, there's no such thing as flat.

VM: What do you know about Jeff Jennings' status?
CJG: I'm really not for sure what they are going to do with Jeff. I think they are going to have to see how well he does over the summer in his rehabbing, how well he gets and where he's at mentally and physically. I'm not for sure about that.

VM: What are your thoughts on Jared Hawkins, who will likely be your backup? What can we expect from him when he's on the field?
CJG: He's very quick and shifty. Looks can be deceiving. He's a very good football player and has impressed a lot of people and opened a lot of eyes. He came in here and everybody was like "Oh gosh, what is he going to do? He's tiny." but he's very strong and tough for his size and very quick, he makes people miss any and everywhere on the field. He'll be a solid player for us when he hits the field.

VM: So your parents live in Nashville now?
CJG: Yes, they do. They moved here last December to be closer and it'll be a lot easier for them to come to the games with my little sisters. They only live like 15 minutes from campus.

VM: What are your plans for the summer?
CJG: I will be here (Nashville) all summer, working out and training for this next season. I will do some school but I will be here training. I'll start the 22nd and I won't stop until game time. I never will stop actually.

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