Interview: Vanderbilt commit Rob Ashabranner

Robert Ashabranner has been described by many as a "sleeper" prospect. VandyMania talked with the Texas defensive lineman and found out some impressive information about this fine prospect.

VandyMania: Thanks for joining us Rob. What was the deciding factor in you picking Vanderbilt?
Robert Ashabranner: Basically they just started first recruiting me. The way they recruited me! They made it personal. It was just like a more serious level of recruiting me than any other school was doing. I guess I just liked it and liked what they were saying and decided to commit.

VM: Did you get a chance to visit Vanderbilt?
RA: No, not yet.

VM: Do you have a visit planned?
RA: Yes, this summer. Probably the beginning of July.

VM: What other schools were recruiting you in addition to Vandy?
RA: SMU, TCU, Rice, Arkansas, Mississippi State and Southern Mississippi.

VM: What are some of the aspects of your game that you think attracted Vanderbilt to you?
RA: I think my pass rushing skills. I get in the backfield and make not just tackles but tackles for losses. I think half of my tackles were tackles for losses.

VM: How many tackles for loss did you have?
RA: 27. I had about 60 tackles total.

VM: Impressive! How many sacks did you have?
RA: 8 1/2.

VM: How much can you bench?
RA: My max was like 290 the last time we did it.

VM: So what did the coaches say when you called and said you had committed?
RA: They were all very excited. I called the recruiting coordinator, Coach Carter, and I told him. He was very excited and he took the phone and passed it around to the head coach, defensive coordinator and D-line coach.

VM: I know you got All-District. Did you get any other honors after your junior season?
RA: All-State on defense and offense. Also All-Area.

VM: So how is Beaumont-Cathedral looking for this coming season?
RA: We had a big graduation last year so right now we are working on filling some holes. Our coach went to the district meetings and came back and said that our motivation for the spring and summer was that all the coaches said that we are on top in the district and the team to beat. So we are very excited about it.

VM: What was your record last year?
RA: Last year it was 8-3.

VM: What Vanderbilt coach was responsible for recruiting you?
RA: Kenny Carter.

VM: So were your parents excited about your committing to Vanderbilt?
RA: They are very excited. Really Dad for football and Mom is more for the grades and the school approach to it. They are both super excited about it. Top Stories