Interview: Vanderbilt's Theo Horrocks

VandyMania talked with Commodore defensive tackle Theo Horrocks. Horrocks talks candidly about the status of the 2006 defensive line, new defensive line coach Rick Logo and the departure fellow lineman and prep teammate Lamar Divens.

VandyMania: What are your thoughts on the defensive line?

Theo Horrocks: I think we have a solid corps of players. Our starters are going to be really solid. The backups are going to be good enough to start. . . I think Coach Logo really understands the system and understands the positions. That's what's important to me because he's played it and he knows how to teach it. I think we are going to have a good defensive line next year.

VM: Talk about Coach Logo and what he brings to the defensive line as a coach?

TH: I think the biggest thing is his knowing and understanding the position because that is what he played. Coach Turner never played on the defensive line. Coach Logo comes in and he knows everything isn't going to work out picture perfect on every play but he teaches us what to do in certain situations. He knows from experience and I think that is what is going to help us out the most. Coach Turner was a good coach but I feel more comfortable being coached by someone who has played on the defensive line.

I think one difference is going to be pressure. . . We are being taught different stunts and games. I think we are going to be putting a lot more pressure on the quarterbacks and I think we are going to be filling in the gaps a lot better on the run game.

VM: Who do you feel will be the leaders of defensive line?

TH: I'm hoping to step up and lead but I think Ray (Brown) and Chris (Booker) are going to be big motivators on the defensive line. They'll be seniors and it's kind of their job to step up. I plan to help out and lead the best I can.

VM: Will the defensive line be improved in 2006?

TH: Absolutely. 100%. I think we'll definitely be improved from last year. I saw it in the spring, from within just a few days with Coach Logo. I can just imagine how much more we'll learn in the summer, when we start preseason camp.

VM: What were your thoughts on Lamar Divens leaving the program?

TH: It didn't really affect me as a player. It affected our defensive line because depth has been a serious problem since I've been here. We needed Lamar. He's a great player but he had to do what he had to do. I can't really blame him for it but it definitely hurt.

VM: What will be the #1 goal of defensive line in 2006?

We can't let teams come in here and run all over us like they did last year. We were lucky to have a quarterback like Jay and we were lucky to have linebackers like Goff and Moses behind us. My number one goal is to dump the run. I'm confident that we take care of a passing team but we've got to shut down a running team.

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