Interview: Vanderbilt commit Chris Marve

VandyMania spoke with Memphis White Station linebacker Chris Marve. Marve, who recently committed to Vanderbilt, tells us about his strengths on the field, his recruitment by Vanderbilt and his academic plans.

VandyMania: Tell us about some of your strengths as a player?
Chris Marve: I consider my hitting ability as one of my greatest strengths. I can hit people. All my coaches, since I've been playing say that I'm a great hitter. Coach Belin of the Vanderbilt staff said the same thing. I can read well and have good football instincts.

VM: When did you visit Vanderbilt and how did the visit go?
CR: In the 9th grade was the first time I had ever been to Vanderbilt. My high school basketball team was in the state tournament. I went up there. It was nice. Most recently I went up there for the spring game. I met the head football coach and Coach Belin in person.

VM: How did the Vanderbilt coaches tell you you'd be utilized?
CR: They told me that more than likely I'd be a middle or weak side linebacker.

VM: What did the Vandy coaches say when you told them you were committed?
CR: They were elated. They were very excited that I had committed. They offered me the same day (Monday) and later on that night I committed. I called Coach Johnson and told him I committed and he told me that he was going to make a few calls and let the other coaches know I had committed. They were very excited.

VM: What, if anything, did Curtis Gatewood (who also attended White Station) tell you about Vanderbilt?
CR: Actually, I've never talked to Curtis Gatewood before. I just know who he is and have seen him before.

VM: What other schools were recruiting you?
CR: The entire SEC. Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Miami (Fla.) and Marshall. That's about it.

VM: Memphis didn't recruit you?
CR: Oh, yes! They recruited me hard. (laughs)

VM: You are a very good student. What do you plan to major in at Vanderbilt?
CR: I'm thinking some kind of engineering but I'm not sure yet.

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