Vanderbilt recruiting Georgia forward

Sometimes it's the things that you do off the court that hold an even greater cache than those that you do on the court for college coaches. Take the story of Georgia forward Jordan DeMercy and his journey to being a highly recruited prospect.

Jordan DeMercy was able to leave a vivid impression in both arenas last week in Indianapolis in front of the throng of college coaches at the Nike All-American camp, with his play and creative persistence in gaining that opportunity.

"I was originally going to attend the Adidas Rising Star Camp about ten miles away, but I rode up with two of my teammates and went to registration (at Nike Camp) and then waited in the lobby four-and-one half hours," DeMercy told "I was waiting for someone to not show up and then two people didn't show and that was the reason that I got in camp.

"I looked at it as I got an opportunity so I might as well run with it. I consider myself fortunate to get in there because I didn't get to play during the spring because I broke my wrist in our second tournament in April in Orlando."

Once there, DeMercy wasn't about to settle for just being in attendance. He wanted to make an impression and quickly came to a conclusion on what the best avenue was to do so.

"I knew going in that everyone would try to get their own shot, so I made up for that by playing good defense and getting rebounds and trying to get the attention of coaches that way," said DeMercy. "I felt good about the camp, it really boosted my confidence and I have gotten good feedback from (college) coaches about my play."

Prior to the camp, DeMercy had offers from Murray State and Arkansas State. He was getting attention from East Carolina, Mississippi, Toledo and the College of Charleston. That landscape however has changed rather substantially since Monday.

"Now it's Virginia Tech basically, Vandy, Cincinnati, Georgia and Iowa State who have gotten involved," DeMercy said. "One of my (AAU) coaches told me that Notre Dame is supposedly going to call and I heard that Arkansas will also."

The 6-7, 195-pound senior wing from Norcross (GA) has some thoughts on his conference favorite.

"I have always liked the ACC and that would be my dream conference to play in," DeMercy stated. " I know a little about Virginia Tech and I talked with Coach (Ryan) Odom and Coach Greenberg and I also know them from watching football games.

"It is a college town which I really like, and those fans are crazy up there."

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