Vanderbilt's Dixon: Whatever it takes

Tampa native Sean Dixon is fully recovered from the ankle injury he suffered last season and is ready to begin his senior season as an integral part of the Vanderbilt defensive unit. Dixon, the lone senior cornerback on the roster, is prepared to closeout his career as a leader on the field.

After playing in every game his freshman and sophomore years, he earned starts last year against SEC foes Arkansas, Ole Miss and Florida. The team will be counting on his experience after the loss of Andrew Pace and Cheron Thompson from last year's squad. I was very pleased to sit down with Sean and discuss his thoughts on the upcoming season. What are some of the goals that you have set for your senior season? Sean Dixon: Well right now I'm just mainly focused on the team instead of individual goals. I just really want to see the team flourish and what ever I have to do to help the team get to that next level. As far as winning games and team chemistry I'm going to do what I have to do. I'm just not focused on individual accomplishments, but I do understand that I've got to play to the best of my ability as an individual.

VM: As you go into your senior year are you prepared to step up with the leadership that is expected from a senior in the defensive backfield?
SD: I've been ready, I feel that I understand what we have to do in order to win and I know one of those is leadership on the team. I feel like we have leadership in every single class, especially with the seniors and I think I'm ready to take my role as a part of that.

VM: How has your off season program been going so far this year, and what gains have you made?
SD: Well my off season training basically has been getting back in shape and coming off an ankle injury. I feel like I'm at 100% right now and I'm ready to play up to my full potential"

VM: What are your thoughts on opening the season against a team like Michigan?
SD: I love it, it shows that our coaches have the confidence in us to play such a high profile team such as Michigan. I really do feel like we have the talent on our team to go in and compete with those guys. We can compete with anybody in the nation and that's my opinion.

VM: What are your thoughts on the receivers on the team that you have to compete against everyday in practice and who has stood out in your opinion?
SD: Everybody has heard about Earl Bennett and what he came in and did last season. We have a real talented receiving corps with Marlon White, George Smith and we have some upcoming talent that really can come in and play their role. They can really make a good impression on the coaches and surprise some people like Earl Bennett did last year. I think our receiving corps is as good as anybody in the nation.

VM: Since you play on the defensive side of the ball, who are the guys that you are expecting to be defensive leaders?
SD: Obviously we have a captain on the defensive side of the ball, Jonathan Goff. We also have some seniors on the defense that have been starting for several years. I think that we have a lot of depth on the defensive side of the ball that we haven't had in past years. We don't really have to point anybody out because I feel that anybody that gets a chance to get on the field will be able to do the same thing and I feel like that is what is going to take us to the next level, when anybody can step in and play. Top Stories