Goodpasture star wants to play defense

He's a wanted man by several coaching staffs including Vanderbilt's. got an update from star Goodpasture lineman Mark Fisher. Fisher, who hopes to lead the Cougars back to the Tennessee State Championship game, talks about his feelings on Vanderbilt and his other favorite schools. What are the strengths of your game; what makes you a great player?
Mark Fisher: My quickness, strength and my speed for my size. I play with heart and intensity.

VM: What is your forty time, bench press and squat bests?
MF: 4.8 forty, 430 bench, 625 squat.

VM: What NFL or college player do you feel you are similar to in style of play?
MF: That's hard. Leonard Little. He used to be a defensive end for UT but now he plays for the Rams.

VM: What honors did you receive after your junior season?
MF: All-District, All-Mid State, All-State, Defensive Lineman of the Year, Defensive Lineman MVP of our team.

VM: Have you had any visits lately?
MF: No sir, I haven't.

VM: Which schools are your favorites right now?
MF: It's up in the air right now. I've got six offers on the table and I like every one of them. As long as I do pretty good this season I should get more offers. Right now I just have an open mind.

VM: What schools have offered you?
MF: Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, MTSU, Louisville and Alabama.

VM: Which schools are recruiting you the hardest?
MF: Alabama, Louisville, Vandy; basically all of them.

VM: What do you like about Vanderbilt?
MF: My parents are big on education. I just like the program. Basically in all of them I like the program. The coaching staffs from all the teams seem real nice. Wherever I feel at home that's what I'm going to pick.

VM: What are the Vanderbilt coaches telling you?
MF: Vandy's actually recruiting me for defense. I've been talking to Coach Fowler. He seemed like a nice man. He says they want me and have plans for me to play as a freshman.

VM: What do you know about the Vanderbilt defensive line situation?
MF: After this season they are going to be low of defensive linemen. That's a good thing for me. Alabama will also be low on defensive linemen after this season so that helps me.

VM: What would your rather play in college, offensive line or defensive line?
MF: Defense.

VM: How is Goodpasture looking for the upcoming season?
MF: We are looking pretty good. As long as we take it game by game we should have a repeat trip to the state.

VM: When do you guys start preseason camp?
MF: The first week of August.

VM: Who are the best players on your team other than yourself?
MF: Quinton Groves, he's an offensive and defensive lineman. Lance Locke. Dwain Harris, he's a linebacker. Quarterback, Coleman Stroud.

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