More from Stamper and Goff at Media Days

Offensive tackle Brian Stamper finally approached the waiting media and said that he was tired of waiting for his turn to field questions. There was no reason given as to why Stamper was late, but he let it be known that it wasn't his fault. The 6-5 305 All-Southeastern Conference lineman was ready to get started.

The look on Stamper's face told a familiar story when asked about September 2nd when the Commodores take to one of the more hallowed grounds in college football- Michigan Stadium.

"I'm excited to about playing Michigan in the first game," he said. "It was amazing to see how excited the team was when we found out."

If the broad grin on their faces resembled his very own as he described the announcement, then we have a good idea. I think it fair to say that Stamper made quite an impression on the media with his candid demeanor. That was especially true when he offered his training regimen into the session.

"Yoga is great," he said. "It stretches you out before you play and gets you warm. It is great to do as a team and is something that not a lot of teams do. It is something to have fun with and to talk about."

"Boxing is great too," he continued. "It is a good workout. It is fun to do and outside the normal workout plan. It really benefits your game and it makes you closer as a team."

Thankfully, Stamper failed to demonstrate either before or on the gathered media. He certainly wouldn't have had to look far to seek out a plethora of bodies among the media who are in dire need of some stretching, some working out, and an occasional upper cut.

Jonathan Goff
Jonathan Goff (AP Photo/Butch Dill)
Linebacker Jonathan Goff was asked how he ended up at Vanderbilt. Goff's offered an initial reaction of puzzlement. The Stoneham, Massachusetts native seemingly wanted to say, "Why not?"

However, the linebacker who is a bit more reserved than most defensive players answered he question by stating that Vanderbilt is a great school that plays in the SEC. The follow-up question was if he had any other offers? Again, looking at the writer with a puzzled look, Goff said, "No, I didn't get many other offers."

And that is really the story. Vanderbilt has a diamond in Jonathan Goff.

The second team Coaches Pre-Season All-Southeastern Conference selection is only a junior at a school hat has a rich tradition of producing outstanding linebackers, who not only make National Football League rosters, but have staying power.

Coach Bobby Johnson brought Goff to the biggest media stage in the conference. While this outstanding play was really no secret, his appearance provided the media an opportunity to get a glimpse of a potential two-time all star.

As stated earlier- Goff is a bit reserved. However, his broke out nto a pretty broad grin when he was asked about the Commodores win over arch-rival Tennessee at Dudley Field/Vanderbilt Stadium.

"It was a great win for the program and the fans," Goff said. "The win was a good way to end the season on a high note."

Despite the Tennessee Volunteers woeful 2005 campaign, the Commodores win wasn't overlooked by members of the media. Most certainly, in any other year it would have been the story. Offensive Player of the Year Jay Cutler and a schedule that will have many writers watching ESPN to not only catch a glimpse of the Commodores, but eager to see if this edition can pull of the big road win against a Big Ten opponent were bigger stories.

"We are just facing some great teams that have great traditions," Goff said. "Opening up on the road with Michigan and Alabama and then coming home to face Arkansas. We are looking for the challenge and just taking it one game at a time."

"We're working real hard to get ready, studying film and everything," he added. "It will be a great challenge and something that I am looking forward to."

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