Top Indiana prospect talks about his favorites.

Indiana prep star Cole Seifrig talked with VandyMania about his favorite schools, goals for his senior season, camp performances and more. The fine prospect has scored 57 touchdowns over the past two seasons.

VandyMania: Thanks for your time answering our questions Cole. We know you are very busy this summer.  You are considered a top prospect at several positions including wide receiver, safety and running back.  Which position do you most want to play in college?

Cole Seifrig: I want to play receiver in college.  I feel
that position fits me well with my size and running
ability.  I just enjoy scoring touchdowns.

VM: Cole, numerous schools are recruiting you right now.  Can you please tell us your favorites and rank them in order of preference?

CS: My top 5 college choices as of now are in this
order: Alabama, Stanford, Kentucky, Vanderbilt,
Indiana.  Alabama is for sure my number one choice
right now.

VM: What schools have offered you so far?

CS: Ball State is the only school who has offered me
so far.  There are others who are very interested that
I feel will offer anytime soon.

VM: Which Vanderbilt coach has been primarily recruiting you?

CS: Coach Fowler is the coach who recruits my area.

VM: You attended a Vanderbilt mini-camp in June.  Can you tell us how that went?

CS: I performed very well at the Vandy camp in June.
I feel I was the best receiver there.  My forty was
4.5 flat in my cleats on grass.  My shuttle run was
4.1. I broad jumped 9'10".  I'm not sure exactly what
my vertical was at Vandy but at the Alabama camp it
was 33.5

VM: Speaking of Vanderbilt, what is it you like about that school?

CS: What I like about Vanderbilt is the great
education you get.  Also, Vanderbilt plays in what I
would consider the toughest conference in the nation.

VM: You are rapidly approaching your senior high school season.  Tell us about your goals as a player this season.

CS:  I have set some goals for myself for my senior
year of football.  My number one goal is to win the
state championship with an undefeated season.  I feel
I should at least get 30 touchdowns.  I want to rush
for 1,000 yards and receive for 1,000 yards as well.
On defense, my goal is to get at least 10 interceptions. 

VM: Cole, thanks for you time.  We wish you the best of luck during your senior season and in  your choice of colleges. Top Stories