Photo Gallery: Vanderbilt Sunday practice

The Vanderbilt Commodores continued their preparations for the 2006 season with a Sunday afternoon practice session. VandyMania's Howell Peiser was there and captured these photos of the practice.

Bryant Hahnfeldt boots the ball.

Manager Kristin Cervantes preps for practice.

Punter Kyle Keown gets in a stretch.

Defensive line coach Rich Logo reviews his notes.

Greg Billinger (center). Steven Stone is at the right.

Offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell gives instructions. That's Eric Hensley to his front and Elliot Hood at the right, rear.

Head coach Bobby Johnson watches the drills intently.

Quarterback Chris Nickson fires a pass to an unseen target.

Quarterback Richard Kovalcheck (L) and Marlon White (R).

White takes off running his route.

Freshmen Gaston Miller (L) and Jonathan Massey (R) get ready to run.

Cassen Jackson-Garrison (L) and George Smith (R).

Fullback Steven Bright.

Fans packed the practice facility hoping to get a glimpse of the 2006 Commodores.

Former Banner sports writer Harold Hudgins was on the sidelines wearing the right colors.

A lovely Marjorie Miller made a surprise appearance at the practice as well.

Josh Eames, Chris Williams and Theo Horrocks do battle.

Photos by Howell Peiser for Top Stories