Star 'V' logo back on Vandy helmets

Most Vanderbilt fans are excited to see the newly designed Star 'V' helmet. VandyMania takes a look at Vanderbilt helmets since the 1960s and gives a little history lesson on each.

1969 Vanderbilt helmet. There are reports that a football graphic with "100" inside was worn on one side to honor the 100th year of college football.

That Star 'V' logo is nothing new. It's been in use since the late 1960s when there was a gold 'V' in a black star on a gold helmet.

Mid 1970s Vanderbilt helmet. Worn in Peach Bowl.

In the mid 1970s the helmet turned black with a gold star and black 'V'. This was the helmet worn in the 1974 Peach Bowl in which Vanderbilt tied Texas Tech 6-6.

Helmet used in late 1970s until 1978.

By 1978 the helmet was still black but the star had turned gold trimmed white with a black 'V' in it.

1979-83. This was the Hall of Fame Bowl helmet.

With the hiring of George McIntyre in 1979 Vanderbilt left the star 'V' logo and went to a black helmet with the word 'Vandy' written in white on the side. The helmet had one white stripe enclosed in two gold stripes. This helmet was used in Vanderbilt's 1982 Hall of Fame Bowl matchup with the Air Force Academy in Birmingham, Alabama. Of note: Vanderbilt wore this helmet when it defeated Tennessee 28-21 in 1982.

1984-85. Moving Star and 'V' helmet.

After a very disapointing 1983 season Vanderbilt went to a metalic gold helmet with a "moving" star V logo. This logo was not like the previous star 'V' logos because the 'V' was not within the star. This logo only lasted two seasons. Vanderbilt last defeated Alabama wearing this helmet during the 1984 season.

1986-90 helmet. The shade of gold used in this helmet was changed from more yellow to more gold around 1988 or 1989.

Vanderbilt football fell on hard times again and Vanderbilt graduate Watson Brown returned to his alma mater under much fan fair. He brought back the star 'V' logo helmet which he had worn when helped the Commodores upset Bear Bryant and the Crimson Tide in 1969. The new star 'V' logo featured a gold 'V' on a black star on a white helmet. It's this helmet that the new helmet more resembles. Switch the white and gold between this mid 1980s helmet and the new helmet and they are basically the same. This helmet was used from 1986 until 1990.

1991-98 helmet. Used during Gerry DiNardo, Rod Dowhower and part of Woody Widenhofer's coaching stints.

Gerry DiNardo took over after Watson Brown was unsuccessful in bringing the Commodore program back on the winning track. DiNardo came to the Commodores from the University of Colorado. He redesigned the Commodore uniforms in a manner very similar to uniforms used by Colorado. The new helmet was metalic gold with the word 'Vanderbilt' written through the letter 'V'. Vandy used this helmet until 1999 when the most recently used split 'V' logo was adopted. This helmet design was used by Vanderbilt longer than any other previous helmet design.

1999-2001 helmet. Fans "elected" the design.

In 1999 Vanderbilt marketing set out to change the logo again. In a new twist, fans were able to vote online for the helmet design they prefered. This design was used until the 2001 season.

Current helmet. (2002) Top Stories