2006 VU position overview: Fullbacks

Vanderbilt returns their top fullback, Steven Bright. Bright was primarily utilized as a receiver in 2005 but that could change in 2006. Today VandyMania takes a look at the Vanderbilt fullback position.




Fullbacks rarely carried the ball in 2005 for Vanderbilt, however, the Commodores often utilized fullbacks as passing targets completing 17 passes to them.


Steven Bright (6-4, 245 SR): Had 17 catches for 198 yards. Had 5 rushes for 14 yards. Missed 3 games due to an injury. Bright had a solid spring and has looked improved in preseason practice. Look for Bright to be a vital part of the Commodore offense in 2006.

Darnell Martemus (5-11, 235 JR): Martemus was moved from defense during spring practice. Although he practiced primarily as a tailback, his size could garner him playing time as fullback in a crunch.

Matt Bubis (5-10, 235 SO): Rugged walk-on from MBA who is working hard to help his team.


Jonathan Massey (6-2, 245 FR): Massey has practiced as a fullback and tight end and could end up at either position. Caught 46 passes as a junior in high school. Caught just 15 passes during an injury slowed senior season.


Steven Bright is one dangerous player for Vanderbilt. Although he didn't run much in '05, he performed well as a receiver and blocker. Bright, who's built more like a defensive end, also is an experienced quarterback. Expec to see even more Bright exploits during the upcoming season.

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