Vanderbilt conducts final scrimmage

Saturday at 10 a.m., the Vanderbilt Commodores football team conducted its final scrimmage in full pads in Vanderbilt Stadium prior to the opening game at Michigan on September 2nd.

There was very little 1st team offense versus 1st team defense scrimmaging, as for a good part of the morning, the 1st team offense scrimmaged against the scout team defense at one end of the field, while the 1st team defense scrimmaged against the scout team offense at the other end of the field.

Standouts on defense were linebacker Jonathan Goff who batted away a pass and played excellent defense in multiple coverages, Ben Koger, who defended three passes, Reshard Langford, and Chris Booker.

On offense, Chris Nickson had one poor throw that bounced on the ground, but the rest of the day, he looked game-ready. Mackenzi Adams' and Richard Kovalcheck's passes were sharp and for the most part on the mark.

Marlon White and Earl Bennett excelled with the first team offense, and the offensive line looked strong all day, protecting all three quarterbacks. Most of the time the quarterbacks had to run, it was due to excellent coverage.

A good portion of the scrimmaging involved all aspects of the specialty teams. Except for a few high snaps, the punting and kickoff teams looked ready to play, and the return teams' players know their assignments (no serious full-contact hitting was done on the returns.

Both Bryan Hahnfeldt and Patrick Johnson hit 75% of their field goal attempts on the day.

After the scrimmage, receivers Bennett and White spoke of their intensity levels with one week to go before zero hour in Ann Arbor.

Said Bennett, "The intensity level has been very high around here. Everybody has been going full speed getting ready to play next Saturday."

White added, "I think the last few days, there has been more urgency in our practices. Its' coming up—it will be here in a week."

When asked to comment on the secondary they will face next week against the Wolverines, both receivers were highly complimentary of their opponent.

Bennett replied, "Michigan has a really good defensive backfield. They have two of the top secondary players in the nation. I'm sure they are ready to play us.

White heaped praise on one of the Michigan player who will be defending him. "They have the number one cornerback in the country in Leon Hall. We're going to have to step up our game to go against them, but we're going to be ready."

What routes will the two guys most want to run this year? Bennett loves going deep on the fly, while White can't wait to run the end zone routes in the red zone.

Coach Bobby Johnson is giving the team the next two days off, while he meets with his staff making final decisions on player personnel. Johnson told VandyMania, "We'll take off the next two days to discuss who will make the travel squad. Knowing who is going is more important right now than who is first and second team at each position." Top Stories