Not too bad a start. Ole Miss was my only miss (sorry). It wasn't that Mississippi was so good, but that Memphis was so bad. It's hard to take away anything from that game other than both teams have a lot to work on. I understand that Phil Fulmer had to be revived by paramedics after reading a headline that "Two UT players have been arrested on drug and gun charges."


Week 2

(10-1 last week; 10-1 overall)

Frequently in error; never in doubt.

So I was raked over the coals for my points pick for VU and UTK. One was right, one was wrong, so I guess those cancel out. Anyway, I am unconcerned with the point spread for the gamblers, although if you read "The Wisdom of Crowds" by James Surowiecki you might find some interesting speculations about how guesses with input from a lot of people tend to be more accurate than the predictions of just a few experts.

Anyway, this week does not appear to contain too many challenges.

Utah State @ Arkansas – I'm sure the Pigs are happy to see this cupcake on their schedule, after being bar-b-que'd last week. The good news is that they improved their performance 17 points over last year's 70-17 loss. At this rate, The Razorbacks will be in the plus column in a couple of more years 2012. This week? Arkansas by 35.

Central Florida @ Florida – Another big-time opponent for the Gators, after feasting on Eagles last week, Golden Knights are on the menu this week. Florida by 40.

Texas State @ Kentucky – I thought Louisville's uniforms made them look exceptionally fast and mean last week. No such problems this week for the Mildcats, licking their wounds from their drubbing by the Cardinals. UK by 17.

Arizona @ LSU – No problems appear to be in the offing for LSU, though it is hard to tell what's going on after the tuneup last week. Tigers by 20.

Mississippi @ Missouri – The Rebels didn't look all that good against Memphis and I'm thinking it wasn't Memphis' fault. Missouri by 12.

Auburn @ Mississippi State – Things don't get any easier for Croom and Company. The toothless Bulldogs underperformed on both side of the ball last week, and Auburn is a much better team that Mississippi State. Auburn by 27. 

Georgia @ South Carolina – Spurrier has been know to pull rabbits out of his hat to win games like this, but trust me, there has to be a rabbit in there to start with. This is going to be a hard-hitting, typically close game, but in the end, there is nothing in hat for Steve but dandruff. Georgia by 9.

Air Force @ UTK – The large orange will have to avoid the two L's in this game. Let-down and Look-ahead. If the Vols can keep from believing in their press clippings and keep their feet on the ground, UTK should win easily. UTK by 25.

Vanderbilt @ Alabama – Alabama failed to impress last week, but they shouldn't have too much trouble with Commodores, who demonstrated a total lack of offensive ability. VU will improve, but so will the Tide. Alabama by 17.

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