If last Saturday was "separation Saturday", then this Saturday must be "breather Saturday". The top teams in the SEC are favored by an average of about 30 points in their games this weekend.

Week 4
(6-2 last week; 25-3 overall)
Frequently in error; never in doubt.

Buffalo @ Auburn –You'd think the school's nickname would be "Buffalos" or "Bison", but no. They are the Bulls (male buffalo?). The women's teams are also the Bulls. This is just to fill space to avoid discussing the upcoming football game. Auburn by 60.

Colorado @ Georgia – The Dawgs play the REAL buffaloes this weekend, but Colorado won't fare much better than the Buffalo playing Auburn. Georgia by 30.

Kentucky @ Florida – The Mildcats flush of victory will be short. It's back to the real world this week, and the Gators will have easy pickings. Florida by 20.

Tulane @ LSU – Tulane has one more SEC win than LSU has. Unfortunately for the Greenies, LSU is in virtually a different league than Mississippi State. LSU by 38.

Marshall @ Tennessee – I expect the running game of the big orange to actually GAIN yardage this week, after going for -11 yards last week. Tennessee probably won't see a third and long for the whole game. Tennessee by 30.

Florida International @ South Carolina – What's going on with the Gamechickens? 27-20 over WOFFORD? Sooner or later SC will break out of the doldrums. This is the last chance before the SEC starts in earnest. SC by 25.

Alabama @ Arkansas – Let's see…..Alabama is 3 better than VU in Tuscaloosa. Arkansas is 2 better than VU in Nashville. But VU doesn't have a home field advantage…..This game is a real tossup. I'd usually go with the home team here, but VU never really had a chance to win at Alabama, while it took divine intervention (the wind) and some favorable refereeing to save Arkansas in Nashville. Alabama by 3.

Mississippi State @ UAB – Mississippi State gets the sympathy vote from me, as they take over the undisputed "worst team in the SEC" label from Vandy and Kentucky. Nothing good can come from this matchup for MSU. UAB by 17.

Wake Forest @ Mississippi – Another tossup game, as neither team is going anywhere, and neither team is very good. If this game is on TV, avoid it. It has all of the hallmarks of last year's Mississippi-Memphis game (10-6, Miss.). Can a team tha lost to Kentucky 31-14 beat ANYBODY? We'll see. Wake by 2.

Tennessee State @ Vanderbilt – The good news for TSU….no travel expenses. The bad news…Vandy has a lot more talent than TSU. MTSU notwithstanding, Vandy should easily crush the Tigers. Even considering VU's tendency to play poorly against outmanned teams. VU by 28.

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