The coming week in the SEC is even more boring than last week. I don't pay much attention to the betting lines, but only one of the games has a spread of less than two touchdowns. There's not a headliner in the bunch, so I'll keep this short.

Week 4
(8-2 last week; 33-5 overall)
Frequently in error; never in doubt.

Central Michigan @ Kentucky – Kentucky is only a 6.5 point favorite ????? The Mildcats are bad, but they're not that bad. Kentucky by 21.

Alabama @ Florida – Given the Tide's troubles on offense, maybe the kicker won't have as many opportunities to miss as he had last week. Florida by 17.

Mississippi State @ LSU – Congratulations to MSU for getting off the schnied last week. It's back to the real world now. LSU by 33.

Georgia @ Mississippi – Georgia probably won't make the Rebels look nearly as good as they made Colorado look last week. Georgia by 25.

Auburn @ South Carolina – There's big trouble in the chicken coop in Columbia. Spurrier's no longer a genius, and proves it again this week. Auburn by 22.

UTK @ MemphisTennessee has made a habit of starting very slowly in their games so far. This game, though, should be over at halftime. UTK by 28.

Temple @ Vanderbilt – Even Vandy's worst teams ever (and I've seem most of them) can't compare, at least on paper, with Temple. The only question is if Vandy can play badly enough to keep the game close for a quarter. Vandy by 45.

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