Interview: Justin Geisinger

After being cut in August by the Buffalo Bills, former Commodore offensive lineman Justin Geisinger recently resurfaced in Nashville and was activated by the Tennessee Titans. He was on campus Saturday night to catch Vandy's 43-14 win over Temple, and VandyMania caught up with him afterwards to ask a few questions.


VandyMania: Justin, you were called up by the Titans last week... how did that come about?

Tennessee Titans' Justin Geisinger: Well, there was a plague of injuries with the Titans this past week, and I knew when I came here I was going to be the next guy in line. Coach [Jeff] Fisher and Floyd Reese both told me they liked me a lot. They knew I could play, and they were counting on me. Injuries happen, and unfortunately a couple of guys ahead of me went down this week. They pulled me up this weekend, so hopefully I should be on the roster the rest of the season. Tomorrow I should play on some special teams, and in some goal line situations, and be backing up the guard and center spots.

VM: Tell what happened earlier this season that landed you with the Titans.

Justin: I was with Buffalo in the preseason and got released in their camp, right after the last preseason game. I had a lot of different opportunities to go to various teams and play on their practice squad. I chose Tennessee over about eight others, just because of the location, being back here, being able to be around Vanderbilt and around these coaches that I've got a close relationship with. It's nice to be back here. And I knew there was an opportunity here... the guys in that interior line are all 9-, 10- and 11-year veterans. Their playing time may be coming to an end soon. Me and my agent both agreed this would be the best opportunity.

VM: What were your impressions of the game tonight, and especially of the offensive line?

Justin: I got here late... we were over at the Loew's Hotel, so I only got to see the end. But from what I saw, they looked pretty good. Coach Caldwell says this is one of the best offensive lines he's had here. They've got some experience in there now, and they've got some young guys that can play as well. It's pretty exciting to see an offensive line now that can let Chris Nickson stand back there with a lot of protection, and that's really going to make the difference in some ball games. They're doing a great job. Top Stories