Ed Orgeron talks Vanderbilt

Ole Miss head coach Ed Orgeron talked to the media recently about his team's upcoming game with Vanderbilt.

On Vanderbilt:

Looking at Vanderbilt, I think they're a well coached football team. I learned a lesson last year going against Coach (Bobby) Johnson, that he prepares well. He did some things last year to us on film. He also looked at some previous film from the previous school I was at and had a good game plan. Some plays we had never seen. When you look at his film, he game plans each week. He's an option coach from Furman and those guys are very technically sound, so we are preparing for that. We don't know what we're going to see. We're probably going to see some new plays, so we have to predict what we're going to see. I think he's a very well prepared coach, and they do a good job on their staff. They're plus three in the turnover ratio and we're minus five. I think that makes all the difference in the world. Looking at the offense, they're averaging 33 points-a-game. They're rushing for 164 yards, 5.3 rushes, an attempt which is high. They only put up 141 but their third-down conversion is 31 percent. Their best player is Earl Bennett a wide receiver. Chris Nickson, a quarterback, is a good player and is dangerous with the ball in his hands, and Jackson Garrison is a good tailback. On defense, they're very well coached, very sound. They run a similar defense as us but a lot more blitzes, so we've got our work cut out for us. The thing I want for our team this week is for us to answer the challenge to continue to improve. To coach better than we did last week, to practice with more intensity and to start playing football the way I know my team can play.

Q: Vanderbilt is a team that can make a good run. Is that a focus for this week?

A: We had problems with the spread offense. They run it I expect to see a lot of it. We have to do a good job of game planning it. They do a lot of things on offense. Coach Johnson game plans each week from what he sees on film and does a great job of it. This week is a big challenge for us on offense. A big challenge.

Q: Can you talk about the difference between Jay Cutler and the new Vanderbilt quarterback?

A: Running the ball. They ran the ball on us last year. Cutler made a lot of plays last year in the passing game. This guy doesn't seem like he's as advanced as Cutler in the passing game. He may be. I don't know that. You don't see it on film. It looks like they can run the ball more. He's more of a runner. Although Jay Cutler could run, this guy is an athlete. He can go. You cannot give him the edge. They have a good scheme. Remember, these are option coaches, they understand option football.

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