VandyMania Interview: Brian Kovolisky

VandyMania recently spoke with sophomore offensive guard Brian Kovolisky. Kovolisky (6-7, 272) saw extensive action during the 2001 season and figures to battle with Jordan Pettit for a starting role on the offensive line in 2002. Thank for taking the time to answer a few questions for us today. Many Vanderbilt fans are much more optimistic about the future of Vanderbilt football than they've been in years past.  What are the player's feelings?  Is there a surge of optimism on the team as well?   

Brian Kovolisky: Yes, there is definitely more optimism among the players.  More players have been down here over the summer working hard.  The new coaches are definitely energetic and upbeat.  In addition, the new weight room, new uniforms, and the new practice field has contributed to this overall optimism. 

VM: As you get ready for pre-season practice, what are some of the goals for the offensive line in pre-season practice? 

BK: Our goals are to minimize mistakes, get stronger and quicker, and to win more games. 

VM: Much has been said about the apparent lack of depth on the offensive line.  What players do you see as possible remedies for that situation? 

BK: I really have not seen any of the new freshmen practice yet.  I'll probably be in a better position to answer that as camp goes on.  I think that all of the offensive lineman with experience will definitely contribute this year as well as the red shirt freshmen. 

VM: What is your opinion on the new uniforms and helmets?

 BK: I really like the new uniforms and helmets, especially the new logo.  The players do as well.

 VM: How have you been coming along in your summer workout regimen?   How much weight have you been lifting? 

 BK: I have broken all of my personal records.  I feel a lot stronger and faster. I think the strength coaches have done a phenomenal job preparing us for the upcoming season.

 VM: Vandy faces Georgia Tech on the 31st.  What are your thoughts on the Yellow Jackets?

 BK: I truly feel that we can beat Georgia Tech.  We have the talent to do so and an excellent coaching staff.  They will probably be the favorites but I honestly believe we will surprise a lot of people.

 VM: Brian, thanks for your time.  We wish you the best in pre-season practice and during the season.

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