The guy sitting behind me at the Temple-Vandy game had an interesting comment at the end: "What a demoralizing victory."

Week 6
(7-0 last week; 40-5 overall)
Frequently in error; never in doubt.

Duke @ Alabama – If Temple is the worst BCS football team, Duke must be running a fairly close second. I can't imagine Alabama having much trouble running up the score on the Blue Devils. Alabama by 40.

Arkansas @ Auburn - Auburn is back home looking for redemption and BCS votes after a lackluster showing last week. The Pigs had a week off last week but it won't help much. Tigers by 23.

South Carolina @ Kentucky – South Carolina's moral victory last week should turn into a real victory against the Mildcats. South Carolina by 17.

West Virginia @ Mississippi State – Don't know much about West Virginia, but I know enough about the Bulldogs to know that their ugly year will continue. WVA by 30.

LSU @ Florida – This is one of those games SEC-watchers love. It should be a real banger. Florida hasn't been dominatingly impressive against recent overmatched foes, while LSU has been on cruise control. LSU by 3.

Tennessee @ Georgia – Another typical SEC game, but I don't see why Georgia figures to have a chance in this game. They've been playing awful, while UTK has been essentially practicing. UTK by 17.

Vanderbilt @ Mississippi – I've dithered all week about this. Before seeing the Commodores against Temple, I thought VU would take this game. After seeing them in action, Nickson is just not ready to be an SEC quarterback. The defensive injuries, coupled with the near-total breakdown of the kicking game convinces me that Ole Miss will do as so many other SEC teams have done in the past: realize that no matter how things have gone, VU is an eminently winnable game, and come out revitalized.

Mississippi 27-17.

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