Just a note for those of you who are offended by the fact that I show my record by the winners I picked, not my record against the spread. Get over it. My predicted point differences are for fun. I won the right to be abused every week by picking winners in the Vandymania contest two years in a row, and that's what I'm doing here.

Week 7
(5-2 last week; 45-7 overall)
Frequently in error; never in doubt.

For those of you who think it's so easy, I'm sure Mr. Yates will give you a tryout. He's always on the lookout for new and entertaining content.

Florida @ Auburn – What a game this figures to be! Current number 2 vs. former #2. I figure the former #2 will be hungrier. They're also at home. The kicking teams should decide this FOOTball game. Auburn by 3.

Mississippi @ Alabama – The Crimson Tide is not going to be nearly as generous to the Rebels as Vandy was last week. If Ole Miss can only must a few hundred yards on offense, "Bama will destroy them. Red Elephants by 35.

Southeast Missouri State @ Arkansas – I expect Arkansas to by a little down after beating up on the formerly number 2 ranked Tigers. They have to be WAAAAAY down to allow the Redhawks to compete in this game. Expect major rushing yardage from McFadden and Jones if they are allowed to play past halftime. Pigs by 45.

Kentucky @ LSU – Yawn. The Mildcats are in for a thrashing at the hands of some really mad Bengal Tigers. LSU by 21.

Jacksonville State @ Mississippi State – The Gamecocks of Jacksonville State share nicknames with South Carolina. Fortunately for Mississippi State the similarity ends with the name. MSU by 19.

Vanderbilt @ Georgia – I expect a close and competitive game this week. Georgia will be emotionally drained after their battle with UTK, and the Commodores will be looking for redemption after the debacle at Mississippi. Vandy has a real chance to win this game, if everything goes just right. It won't. Look for Murphy to prevail. UGA by 6.

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