Football: Freshmen workout oberservations

A VandyMania staff member has observed each of the freshmen workouts and gives his thoughts on their performance and potential.

QUARTERBACKS- Steven Bright looks good for a freshman. Most of his passes are on target and he seems to have a basic understanding of the offense. The walk-on quarterback, Jason Burns, is very athletic looking quarterback. He throws a good pass and should be helpful for the scout team.

RUNNINGBACKS- Ron Bullock has been a pleasant surprise so far. He has a good frame and great hands out of the backfield, he's made several tough catches. Kwane Doster is very fast. He has quick feet and makes quick cuts with good acceleration. Clark Lea, a walk-on, has looked very good at fullback.

WIDE RECEIVERS- Both of the receivers are as impressive as any I've seen as freshman. Brigham looks more polished as a receiver but looks small. He took a hard hit over the middle in one practice and was very slow getting up. Eric Davis is an exceptional athlete. He is fast enough to get behind defenders and catches anything that is close.

OFFENSIVE LINEMEN- This group is hard to tell about until the upperclassmen get there. Mac Pyle is the biggest of the bunch and has put a few of the defensive linemen on their backsides already.

DEFENSIVE LINEMEN- This is another group that is hard to judge. Ray Brown has looked unstoppable against the freshmen offensive linemen but it remains to be seen if he'll be as effective against the upperclassmen. Antoine Morgan is quick and will be better with added weight.

LINEBACKERS- Both Kevin Joyce and Herdley Harrison are good athletes. They both have been step-for-step with backs out of the backfield in passing drills. Unless they add a lot of weight I expect these two to be more coverage backers than run stoppers.

DEFENSIVE BACKS- This group has some of the most athletic looking players in the freshman class. Andrew Pace has made some great plays and seems to have a sense for getting to the ball.

KICKERS/PUNTERS- Greg Johnson has had several nice punts with good hang time. He also has been kicking the longest field goals. He has made field goals from as far away as 50 yards. Patrick Johnson seems to have a more consistent kicking style but hasn't been out past 40-yard kicks.

The coaching staff seems to be encouraged by this class. They demand respect and discipline just like they do from the rest of the players. They have had several encouraging words for the freshmen but they also let them know when they made mistakes. Top Stories