Interview: Chantelle Anderson

The women's basketball team has been practicing this week in preparation for their upcoming trip to Europe. After practice on Friday, Vandymania talked with All-American senior center Chantelle Anderson about the summer just ending, and the future that lies ahead.

VandyMania: Tell me about your summer.

Chantelle: Well, I interned with the Titans this summer. For HOD [Human and Organizational Development] they require you to do an internship, and so I did it this summer. For two months, I was Don MacLachlan's intern. He's the Executive Vice President/Administration for the Titans. It was just awesome. It was so much fun.

VM: What did you do day-to-day?

Chantelle: Actually, it was a really cool internship because Don has a great secretary so he didn't have a lot of busywork or paperwork for me to do, so I got to focus the whole time on learning. We have these learning objectives that we have to set at the beginning of the session. We have nine learning objectives, and one of them was to learn radio and TV broadcasting behind the scenes. So he took me over to Channel 2, which is a partner of theirs. I talked to Mike Keith, who's the voice of the Titans, and basically I asked him, "If I were trying to get to where you are, what would I have to do?" And they told me all about their jobs and what they did, and I got to see where the Jeff Fisher Show is filmed, and a live TV broadcast being done.

When I was out at Channel 2, I also got an offer for an internship second semester next year, when I don't have very much to do because I'm ahead on credits. So I made a nice business contact there. I think that was one of my favorite objectives because I really would love to go into broadcasting. So that was kind of a career-specific objective.

Another one of my objectives was to learn facilities management of a big event, learn how they put on big events like Titans games or Fan Fare or whatever. So I went and talked to Bill Dickerson, who runs Baptist Sports Park and Adelphia, and he step-by-step walked through a lot of the things that they did to set up for a Titans game or Fan Fare. I observed Fan Fare, which was really cool. I got a behind-the-scenes look on pretty much a lot of things that a normal intern would not have gotten. Don was absolutely great. He was awesome.

VM: Next question. The Internet buzz is starting to say . . .

Chantelle: Uh-oh! [laughs]

VM: . . . that the #1 draft pick is looking like Chantelle Anderson of Vanderbilt. Sue Bird, this year's #1 draft pick, said that you're practically a lock . . .

Chantelle: Yeah, yeah, I read that. I'll have to call her and be like, thanks.

VM: How does that feel, and how does it affect you?

Chantelle: Well, I think right now, it's just flattery. Last year when the preseason SEC polls came out and I was SEC preseason player of the year, my coaches said to me, "At the end of the year, no one has a party for the preseason SEC player of the year." The postseason is what matters. Who cares whether they pick you player of the year or whatever before the season starts? It's what they pick you when the season is over.

So, it's flattering to know that people think that highly of me now, but I still have to play this season. If I'm not selected #1 at the end of season because I didn't play the season how I should, then it's not going to make a difference what people are saying now. So it doesn't really affect me. Basically, the extent of it is -- it's flattery. Plain and simple. It doesn't mean anything.

VM: Do you have any particular objectives in terms of your play this year? Areas you'd like to improve on?

Chantelle: Well, I'd like to improve on everything. . . . I like this new system. I like our coaches. I'm really working hard trying to do the things that they want me to do, because a lot of the stuff is different. And so that's one of my goals right there, to pick it up as fast as possible. And I think everyone on our team is working really hard to do that, so that's good to see. Coach Balcomb has already spoken to me about taking more of a leadership position. I started to do that a little bit last year, but to take it one step further, that's the goal.

You know, I've never set goals to win awards, like I've never said, I want to win this award or I want to win this award. But I really want to win one specific award because the trophy was so pretty last year. And that's the only reason why I want it.

VM: What trophy is that?

Chantelle: I think it was the Wade Trophy at the ESPN Awards, the one that Sue won. So that's a goal of mine, just because the trophy is so pretty. That's going to sound funny. [laughs] But other than that, I just want to do whatever I have to do to make my team get as far as we possibly can, and I'm definitely going to have to take a leadership role. I'm definitely going to have to step up my play and continue to improve on defense. And my rebounding -- I proved I could rebound at the end of last season. The challenge for me now is to do it consistently throughout the season. I started out averaging 3 rebounds a game and ended up averaging 10 or 11 at the end of the season, and so it averaged out to about 6. So if I can do it consistently, that will be a huge step for me. That's one of my big goals. Top Stories