Except for Vandy – South Carolina, it looks to be another dull week in the SEC. All of the favorites except for SC are pretty heavy favorites (10 points or more), so there's not much to be said about these games.

Week 7
(5-1 last week; 50-8 overall)
Frequently in error; never in doubt.

Mississippi @ Arkansas – The Razorbacks are the new beast of the West, the only team with an unblemished SEC record (thanks to a fortuitous gust of wind in Nashville). This one's easy for the Pigs. Arkansas 31 – Mississippi 10.

Tulane @ Auburn – The SEC needs a mercy rule for games like this. AU 50 Tulane 6.

Fresno State @ LSU – Ditto for this game LSU 50 – Fresno State 10.

Mississippi State @ Georgia – Nearly ditto for this game. I'm not interested in doing the research, but I bet it's been a looooong time since Georgia has lost back-to-back-to-back home SEC games. This dogfight goes to UGA. Georgia 38 – MSU 7.

Alabama @ Tennessee – This game is usually a headliner for the SEC. Not this year. Tennessee is at home and playing with great confidence. Alabama isn't, and isn't.

There will be no mercy in this, and if UTK can roll up the score, they will.

UTK 45 – Tide 17.

And for those of you who take issue with my Vandy predictions, you may now take your choice:


South Carolina @ Vanderbilt – Vandy is playing as well as I have seen them play in a long time. But the Evil Genius has had two weeks to prepare for the Commodore's somewhat limited playbook. I expect the Chickens to take full advantage of Vandy's soft corners on pass defense, and to be able to control Nickson on offense, especially considering the injuries in the offensive line. This should be the most competitive game in the SEC this week. SC 21 – VU 17.


South Carolina @ Vanderbilt – This is no longer your Daddy's Vandy. The Commodores are revved up and read to go against a South Carolina team that is far below usual standards. With close losses to Arkansas and Alabama and a win on the road at Georgia, Vandy appears to have finally turned that long-awaited corner. VU 24 – SC 14.

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