Photo Gallery: Women's hoops practice

The Vanderbilt women's basketball team practiced on Friday. VandyMania's Whitney D. was there and captured these photos.

Another day, another practice.

Tina Wirth and Amber Norton

Carla Thomas and Ashlee Bridge

Ashlee Bridge

Jess Mooney

Ashlee Bridge and Merideth Marsh

It's great to have seniors!

Jess Mooney and Amy Malo

Tina Wirth

Merideth Marsh and Tina Wirth

Dee Davis, Jen Risper, Merideth Marsh

Ashlee Bridge and Liz Sherwood

Dee Davis, Liz Sherwood, Tina Wirth

Tina Wirth

Lauren Lueders

Merideth Marsh and Jen Risper

Caroline Williams and Ashlee Bridge

Merideth Marsh and Caroline Williams

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