The lul between good head-to-head matchups between SEC leaders continues this week. After this week though, most of the out of conference breathers are over, and the race for the Georgia dome will renew with a vengeance. In the meantime…..

Week 9

(5-0 last week; 55-8 overall)

Frequently in error; never in doubt.

Florida International @ Alabama – It's a pretty good bet that the FIU players (those that are left) won't be talking much trash in this game. To keep this game from getting out of hand, the Tide may truly suit up some managers and trainers. ‘Bama 63 – FIU 3.

Louisiana -Monroe @ Arkansas – Another laugher for the Pigs. Mississipi wasn't a test last week, and La-Mo will be less of one this week. Hope they don't lose their edge before returning to the real world of good SEC teams. Pigs 48 – LM 7.

Florida vs. Georgia (in Jacksonville) – Better order up some extra cocktail juice for the Georgia fans this year. Florida had a week off last week, and while they don't have an Evil Genius plotting for them, that will be plenty to enable their win. UF 28 – UGA 17.

Auburn @ Mississippi – Mississippi suspended or dismissed 6 players this week. This is not a good thing to have happen before playing an SEC powerhouse. Tigers 45 – Miss 7.

Kentucky @ Mississippi State – I'll have to go to the bi-valued random decision making device to decide the winner in this game. Both are desperate for a win, and neither is playing well enough to win. Fortunately, one of these teams MUST win. Unfortunately, one of these teams MUST lose. MSU's moral victory against Georgia will propel them to a victory. MSU 21 – Mildcats 19.

Tennessee @ South Carolina – The Evil Genius hasn't had a week to prepare, and Tennessee had the bejabbers scared out of them last week. South Carolina won't be able to stuff UTK's running game like they did Vandy's, and this will expose them to the Vol's passing game, which HAS to be better than last week. UTK 24 – SC 14.

Vanderbilt @ Duke – Pollyanna and Polly Nomial (Ms. Nomial being a rational function) are in agreement this week. Vandy has too much innate talent to lose at Duke (at least in football). Vandy's running game should be able to dominate the Blue Devils, relieving the pressure on the passing game. As a result, the passing game will also prosper due to being under less pressure. Vandy 31 – Dookies 10.

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