Pete Fox, 62-9 in straight up on the season, picks this week's SEC matchups.

Week 10

(6-1 last week; 62-9 overall)

Frequently in error; never in doubt.

Mississippi State @ Alabama – The Tide hasn't had a lot of luck playing teams in the SEC that are seemingly way below them in talent level. Wins, yes, but some VERY dicey situations. With the close loss to UTK to give them confidence, and the virtual off week last week against FIU, the Tide should control MSU from the start. UA 27 – MSU 7

Arkansas State @ Auburn – The Plainsmen should be able to take their vengeance on the state of Arkansas by pounding Arkansas State. Auburn 42 – Arkansas State 10.

Georgia @ Kentucky – The Dawgs are really a mystery this year. There's really no telling who will show up from game to game. I'd like to pick the Mildcats in this game, but it just goes against history. Georgia 31 – UK 27.

Northwestern State @ Mississippi – It's odd that Northwestern State doesn't have the name of the state it's Northwestern in. If you care, it is Louisiana. OM 39 – NWS 7.

Arkansas @ South Carolina – The coaches know that the Pigs can't afford to stumble against South Carolina with Tennessee and LSU looming in the next three weeks. Can they get this through to the players? The team that manhandled Auburn on the road should have little trouble with the GameChickens. Arkansas 27 – SC 14.

LSU @ Tennessee – LSU has had essentially a bye week for the last month (Kentucky, Fresno State, and Idle), and so should be well-rested, healed up and ready to rumble against the Vols. Tennessee, on the other hand, has been busy dodging bullets like Keanu Reeves in "The Matrix" the last two weeks and is pretty banged up. The charmed life of the big orange ends this weekend. LSU 27 – UTK 19.

Florida @ Vanderbilt - Pollyanna and Polly Nomial are pretty much in agreement for this game. Florida just has too much talent for Vandy to overcome, but the Commodores should acquit themselves well. Chris Nickson had a magnificent game last time, but it was Duke, after all. Florida 27 - Vandy 17.

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