Northern Who?

There's nothing quite like exhibition basketball. Vanderbilt vs. Northern State. "Northern what state?" you might ask. Sorry, can't help you out. Seems the internet is down in my room, and since no one this side of forty-years-old owns an encyclopedia anymore, I've lost the capability to look things up.

Regardless, it's not my job to know menial facts like the region of the world an opponent hails from. I digress, and by doing so, earn the right to use the term ‘digress'.

Before the first game, any true fan is a little jumpy about seeing the new players get their first action, and when you get there, you feel like Vanderbilt officials should be running players' mug shots across the jumbotron so you can identify "that guy". We the people of the Commodore nation were introduced to a small fleet of new Vandy players. Brown, Drake, Neltner, and Beal did nothing but build new hope for this Vanderbilt program. Beal's worst play of the night came during the starting lineups when the poor freshman didn't know where to go, but give him credit: once he started going, he didn't stop. The coaches made an attempt to shout directions to the misguided youth, but couldn't be heard over the roar of the 2,000 Vandy faithful as Jermaine decided to see what pregame looked like from the other team's side.

Alan Metcalfe represented his sideburns well on the tip. The Commodores unveiled their new "We've-only-got-ten-players-and-we-are-going-to-run-and-gun-you" offense. Don Meyer's Northern State Fighting Fundamentals fired back at the ‘Dores and managed to keep the shootout going for a while. Yet, Vanderbilt's offense proved too much for the Wolves. It gives off the aura of a rotary cell phone: it's got the new style run-and-gun, but we can always come back to the old school cuts to the basket if we need it.

The ‘Dores had the game in hand, but apparently that hand got frostbite in the chilly November air. Sixteen six-foot-one, one hundred seventy pound, identical twin guards fought back to give the Commodores a scare at the end, but Stallings' squad pulled it out. Overall the night gets rave reviews because Beal looked good, Foster and Byars are still Foster and Byars respectively, Neltner is a solid addition, Skuchas' hair didn't affect his shot, George Drake can dunk from anywhere on the floor, and if this had been regular season, we all would have gotten tacos. ¡Viva la Dores! Top Stories