Interview: Pedro Alvarez

VandyMania talked with Vanderbilt sophomore third baseman Pedro Alvarez about the upcoming season and the incoming freshmen baseball players.

VandyMania: Pedro, you had a great freshman season, earning All-SEC, All-American honors and won the World Championship in baseball.  What do you do for your sophomore year? How do you top that?


Pedro Alvarez: I'm not too worried about topping that.  Last year is last year, it's in the past already, I'm just focusing on doing the best I can for this year and preparing myself for the upcoming season.


VM: What are some of the things you are working on as a player to improve your game for this upcoming season?


PA:  Just overall work on everything, try to get faster, try to improve my batting.  Just hit everyday, throw and work on my defense.  Just every aspect of my game I try to work on.


VM: You turned down a lot of money to come to Vanderbilt.  Do you ever have any thoughts like, "Man, I could be driving a Lamborghini"?


PA:  None whatsoever.


VM:   So how has school been going for you?


PA:  Going pretty well. I'm in my second year and am still undecided but I'm leaning towards an economics major.  Everything is going well.


VM: Sounds like a smart major for you.


PA:  I would like to do that.


VM: How did fall practice go for you?


PA:  It was fun. It went a little quicker than last year because I knew what to expect.  All in all it flew by and it just shows the fun we have on the field amongst each other.  We look pretty good.


VM: Who are some of the new guys that you think are capable of making an impact?


PA:  I'm sure the new guys are here for a reason and they are all capable of making an impact.  There's some power hitting in our position players, Steven Liddle, Alex Hilliard, Russell Brewer, Jordan Wormsley, they all look like they have pretty good pop for freshmen.  The pitchers, they look like they can make an impact right away. Top Stories