The Missing Link

I got to thinking, and, once I got over the initial shock of being in a state of thought, I began to wonder what was missing from The preliminary answer was a complimentary soda fountain that pops out beside the number pad on your keyboard every time you visit the homepage, offering you your favorite varieties of cool beverages.

Then I realized that wasn't feasible because some people have laptops that don't have number pads. Modern technology strikes again. I continued down the long road of contemplation, and decided that what VandyMania really needed was an under-qualified columnist.

Hello. Nice to meet you.

Tighten up your chinstraps and brace yourselves. If you're reading this, it's going to be a long season. This is just a heads-up: I am a fan. That is all. I'm a college student, one whose worst grades came out of the English department. Go figure. As a fan, I get to write about whatever I want. Today that is college sports. I know… it's a revolutionary topic of discussion on a college sports website. I am prepared to be that trend setter, that US Postal team member that lets the Lance Armstrong's of the world draft behind until the last 200 meters of every stage. Here we go.

College sports: the sieve between high school and professional athletes. So you know, I used a synonym finder to get sieve. It's one of those mesh things you run food through. Sorry to flaunt my culinary intelligence. High schools offer athletics in their purest forms, where kids play because they want to have fun, or want to be a part of a team, or just to play. Professional sports offer athletics at the highest level of competition with the lowest level of integrity. Then there's NCAA athletics.

As college fans, we hopefully get the best of both worlds. We get to see some great athletes who still play just to play. Maybe for some it's a means to the league, whatever league that may be. Some play for the scholarship. Some play for the gear. Just ask anyone at Oregon. Regardless of why they play, they play. And, for the most part, they leave it at that. College fans get to see competitive athletics without having to hear all the drama that comes from some professional athletes. College students don't play only when they want to play. They show up for practice. Yeah, we're talking about practice. They don't demand the expletive ball. They just play.

To take it to the next level, here's to walk-ons. If I need someone to just do it, to protect this house, or whatever else, I'm asking a walk-on. They deserve to get all the gear and to get whatever other perks come with being an athlete. They also deserve to be the fan favorite. They deserve to get the ball every possible time in the last five minutes of a blowout.

To bring things to a close, enjoy college sports. That's right, I, a measly college student just gave you a command. Oh, and get it up for the walk-ons.

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