Congratulations are in order for some of the also-rans in the SEC for last week's upset wins, proving once again that anybody who bets on college football should have his head examined. The big shocker: Mississippi State over Alabama. For the first time I read the adjective "hapless" applied to a team other than Vandy or Kentucky (though MSU has been hapless for a couple of years now).

Week 11

(5-2 last week; 67-11 overall)

Frequently in error; never in doubt.

Credit also to the Mildcats for putting many Georgia fans on suicide watch.

Tennessee @ Arkansas – 0% tolerance? It is to laugh. How about 50% tolerance, which is how long UTK's starting tailback has to sit out of the Arkansas game for disorderly conduct and underage drinking. Wonder why the non-starters got longer suspensions. Hypocrisy, thy name is Fulmer. Arkansas 28 – UTK 17.

Georgia @ Auburn – The Dawgs could lose 6 of their last 7 games. They may be bowl-eligible, but who's going to want them? Auburn 35 – Bullpups 14.

South Carolina @ Florida – The Gators weren't very impressive against the Commodores last week. Actually, they haven't been impressive against anybody, being just barely good enough to post another "W". Look for it to happen again this week in the swamp.

Florida 28 – SC 24. (Don't you just LOVE that score?)

Alabama @ LSU – The Tigers of LSU smell blood in the water (how's that for a mixed metaphor?) and should pound lumps on the hapless (there's that word again) Crimson Tide. There's trouble in Tuscaloosa, and a total meltdown is imminent.

LSU 35 – Tide 13.

Vanderbilt @ Kentucky – I let Polly Nomial (the rational function) and Pollyanna battle it out in mud wrestling for the privilege of picking this game. Polly Nomial tried to reason it out, and Pollyanna decked her while she was still thinking it over. With a good game plan, Vandy's offense should shred Kentucky's defense. The Commodore's defense is getting stronger every week, and is already ahead of last year's in just about every category. Vanderbilt 38 – Mildcats 27.

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