Sanders: Thankful things to think of

It's the day after Thanksgiving, and I'm sitting in Ohio, where everyone is absolutely obsessed with The Ohio State University. It's impressive actually. They have earned the "The" status they have given themselves. It makes a simpleton Vanderbilt fan wonder what could be. Sure, we might have to add 65,000 seats to Dudley to achieve the same game day experience.

We might also have to find 85,000 additional Vandy fans to fill Dudley after that, but give it time and we could get to "The" status. Aim high. Everyone up here has a Buckeye something or other. What good is a bumper sticker when literally everyone else has one? I think they sell new cars with Buckeye stickers already on the back. There is already 2007 National Championship gear for sale. Some people might call fans like these crazy. Me? I reserve that term for people who get up at 4:00 in the morning after Thanksgiving to go shopping.

Yes, yesterday was Thanksgiving, but why can't everyday have a little Thanksgiving in it? It actually could. What if no one had ever thought up daylight savings time? What if there were no leap years? If that were the case, today might mathematically be Thanksgiving. Did you ever think of that? Yeah, me neither. All that to say this: We as Commodore fans still have plenty to be thankful for.

I am thankful for that huge TV in Vandyville, "The Streak Continues" shirts, the goofy inflatable Big C character that is new to Commodore sports this year, Earl Bennett, and finally that I don't have to watch another tire race at a football game for a while. Those are just a few of the Vanderbilt related things that I am thankful for on this day that could have been Thanksgiving. Oh, and I am thankful for UT fans. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't know exactly how lucky we are to be Vandy fans.

Saturday night, I hope to be thankful for what the Commodores just did to the Elon Phoenix. While they are Division I, Elon has not yet achieved powerhouse status. In fact, they sound more like something out of the next generation of Power Rangers than the next powerhouse basketball school. They could probably convince the nation that they are really the Phoenix Elon, and people would go right along with it. Am I overlooking the Phoenix? No, because that would require me to be looking ahead to someone, which would require me to know who was ahead to look at, which would require me to look at the schedule, which I have not done in a while. I'm the type of fan that goes to a game to enjoy a sports event. Sure, I like the big games more, but that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy a Vanderbilt - Elon match up.

I'm not chalking the ‘Dores up for a "W" just yet. However, I am looking forward to this game; mostly, because at Vandy, there's not a whole lot to look back on lately. Sure, we can find good things to look at from the first two basketball games, or from the football season. The fighting Phoenix, while a challenge to type on the keyboard, should challenge the Commodores to the level that they have been challenged thus far. So, to the four of you that are still reading this, you are truly dedicated and don't need me to tell you the following. However, since I called it the following, there must be something to follow, so I will tell you anyway. Though it is Elon, go to the game, cheer on the ‘Dores, and hopefully witness the beginning of a winning streak.

Based on the logic from above, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

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