Interview: Parker Hanks

Vanderbilt junior outfielder Parker Hanks talked with VandyMania at the conclusion of fall baseball practice, just after the media home run derby.

VandyMania: Parker, how did fall practice go?
Parker Hanks: It went well; we got a lot of work done.

VM: How did you like the media day thing?
PH: That was great. It's good to interact with the media. Fun, improvised home run derby, had fun.

VM: You had 3 home runs last year and batted .274. What are your goals for this season?
PH: I definitely want to improve in both categories. Mainly I want to hit about .300 and hopefully just improve on homeruns, not necessarily a number.

VM: I tell you, I was in there just now, it's hard to hit a ball moving through the air with a bat! What do you do, I know you guys practice all the time, what have you been doing to improve your batting?
PH: This year specifically I've been focusing more on my handwork and we've been able to do a lot of drills with that in the cages. That's the main thing I've been working on.

VM: One of the other players said you were a pretty good hitter and it looked like you were nailing the ball pretty good in there. Guys like Pedro Alvarez, you look at him, what does that guy do to do what he does?
PH: He just works real hard. He's got a lot of talent and he puts his time in and it definitely shows on the field.

VM: So what did you do over the summer after baseball season ended?
PH: I went and played summer ball out in Virginia in the Valley League.

VM: How did you come out in that?
PH: I actually was injured about a week into it so I went home.

VM: What happened?
PH: I pulled my back and my oblique throwing.

VM: Are you feeling better from that now?
PH: Yes, I'm completely recovered so I'm back in the swing of things now.

VM: So what has Coach Corbin been telling you guys as far as preparing for the 2007 baseball season?
PH: Practice right now is definitely how we are going to play in the fall. We've been working on a lot of team execution; perfection so really there is no mistakes. You play the perfect practice.

VM: You guys have several newcomers. Who are some of the guys that are new that you think might make an impact during the 2007 season?
PH: I'd say two guys that stick out in my mind right now are Mike Minor, a left handed pitcher, and Caleb Cotham, a right handed pitcher. Both are from the Tennessee area.

VM: So are those guys going to be like relief pitchers or starters?
PH: I'm not sure yet, I could definitely see them both in the rotation somewhere, probably in the bullpen but you know it's still up in the air. They have the whole winter to prove what they can do as well. Top Stories