Tyler McDermott update

VandyMania talked with Scout.com 3-star prospect Tyler McDermott and got an update on his recruitment.

Tyler McDermott Profile

VandyMania: How did your high school team do this year?
Tyler McDermott: We finished 5-5, that's our best record in school history. We are a young school. We, unfortunately, didn't make it to the playoffs; we were one game away. I'm looking forward to the all-star game I have to play in next week.

VM: Which all-star game is that?
TM: It's called the Outback Bowl, it's a local all-star game within Palm Beach county.

VM: What are the strengths of your game; what makes you a great player?
TM: I think it's my speed, agility and my quickness and my strength up top. I can push people around and I have very good foot speed; that adds to my agility and my quickness. Having a big upper body that able to push a lot of weight, it just adds to being able to push a guy all over the place.

VM: What is your forty time, bench press and squat bests?
TM: My forty has been clocked at 5.0, my bench is around 350 and my squat around 755.

VM: What NFL or college player do you feel you are similar to in style of play?
TM: I really like Jeff Saturday from the Colts.

VM: You play primarily center, right?
TM: Yes.

VM: Is that what colleges are recruiting you for?
TM: Yes, Everyone sees me as a true center. I'd really like to play center in college since it's the position I've played my entire life but I'm an athlete and I know how to play other positions like linebacker and defensive line. I've practiced in those positions; I've been backup in those positions. I've just never gotten the opportunity to play in those positions. I can play different positions if need be.

VM: Have you done any long snapping?
TM: Yes.

VM: Have you had any visits lately?
TM: No, but I have one coming this weekend. The eighth I'm going to Colorado State.

VM: What schools are recruiting you?
TM: Colorado State, USF, Vanderbilt, North Carolina, Florida International and Arkansas State.

VM: What schools have offered you?
TM: Just Arkansas State and Florida International.

VM: Which schools are your favorites right now?
TM: I really don't have any favorites right now.

VM: Which school is recruiting you the hardest?
TM: I guess it's tie between USF and Colorado State.

VM: Is Vanderbilt still recruiting you?
TM: They are but they only have two scholarships left. The last time I talked to them they said they needed a strong safety and they were looking for a tackle. Unfortunately I'm not tall enough to play tackle at the collegiate level but I keep talking to them seeing what is happening.

VM: When is the last time you talked to them (Vanderbilt)?
TM: About 3 weeks ago.

VM: How are you doing in the classroom?
TM: I'm doing really well. I've gotten As and Bs in the classroom. I'm taking advanced placement classes and have a 3.5 GPA.

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