Interview: Vanderbilt commit Tim Fugger

Tight end Tim Fugger recently committed to Vanderbilt. VandyMania spoke with the athletic tight end about his recruitment and on the field abilities.

Tim Fugger Profile

VandyMania: How did your team finish up the season?
Tim Fugger: We finished up 5-5 and lost in the first round of the playoffs.

VM: What are the strengths of your game; what makes you a great player?
TF: Probably my athleticism and my ability to make plays.

VM: What is your forty time, bench press and squat bests?
TF: At camp for Vanderbilt I ran, I think a 4.59. I did 225 17 times on the bench. My max bench was around 350. Squat, I did 420.

VM: What honors did you receive during your senior season?
TF: I got second team All-Conference but I actually missed 3 conference games.

VM: Which school is was recruiting you the hardest?
TF: Probably Vanderbilt.

VM: What other offers did you have in addition to Vanderbilt?
TF: Akron.

VM: What other schools were actually recruiting you but hadn't offered?
TF: Illinois, Kansas State, Northwestern, and a couple MAC schools.

VM: When did you visit Vanderbilt?
TF: I visited for camp and then I went for the UT game.

VM: What do you like about Vanderbilt?
TF: I think the thing that stood out the most was probably the coaching staff because they've been together so long and seem so dedicated to the program. The atmosphere and, of course, the academics. They are a top 20 academic school in the nation.

VM: What did the Vanderbilt coaches tell you as far as how you'd be utilized at Vandy?
TF: They told me they liked me as kind of like they used Steven Bright, at the H-back position. Kind of like a slot tight end, a lot of motion kind of stuff, or as a pass catching tight end.

VM: What did the Vanderbilt coaches say when you told them you were committing to Vanderbilt?
TF: They told me congratulations, first of all. They were excited for me to kind of get the recruiting thing over with. They were just real pleased that I had committed.

VM: Describe for us your greatest play of the season.
TF: I was playing right side defensive end and there was a sweep to the right side and I had like 3 guys blocking me on the edge. I reached over all of them and I pulled the running back down by his jersey. His jersey actually ripped off and he had to walk to the sidelines with half his jersey hanging down. That was probably my favorite play.

VM: Did you do any other sports?
TF: I did track and basketball. In track, I won our conference in the 100-meter and I got third in the county in the 100-meter. In basketball, we were like 12-15 and I played forward.

Tim Fugger makes a catch for Montini Catholic.

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