Coach Will Wolfe talks Theron Kadri

He's big, strong, fast, and smart. He also gives 110% every play, all season. His name is Theron Kadri and he's headed to Vanderbilt. Look inside for comments from Brighton head coach Will Wolfe on Kadri.

Theron Kadri profile

VandyMania: What make Theron such a good player?
Coach Will Wolfe: Obviously, his God given talent. The kid is 6-3, 240. He has a huge wingspan. At the combines his standing long jump is 10-3. He's a strong kid in the weight room for being that height. He squats almost 500 pounds and power cleans about 300. He's just been a sleeper and a late bloomer. I would say the best thing about Theron other than his God given talent is his motor doesn't stop. He plays every play from sideline to sideline until the whistles blows and he doesn't play any different if it's in the first quarter or the fourth quarter when the games on the line. That's what's made him so special and that's what caught all these colleges's eye. I took the job at Christmas and I see this kid and I see the height, size and strength and I told the other coaches "We are going to find a place for him," and we did. We couldn't run the ball at him in practice and we knew we were onto something special. So I made sure that I got him around to the area combines and just got him some publicity because I knew there were great things ahead for him. I knew he was a division I football player.

VM: I heard you are doing a great job down there coach. This is your first year and you've done some good things for your program.
WW: We did. We are just working hard. We got that first year under us. I was fortunate to have some athletes. What we are working on right now, you know when people talk about Brighton High School, they don't talk about athletes, they talk about football players. We are asking for a lot of commitment from our kids and they are doing it. We were a couple plays from having a huge year this year. Our kids play hard we just have to play a little bit smarter.

VM: You guys were 5-6 this season, right?
WW: We did. We lost to Covington, 13-7, and Mumford, 13-6. Against Mumford we turned the ball over twice inside the 10-yard-line. You know, it was just one of them type years. We couldn't hold onto the ball at crucial times inside the red zone. We are going to go back and address those things in the off season.

VM: Yeah, Vandy can kind of relate. They had a game like that against Kentucky. They should have beaten Kentucky and turned the ball over a couple times inside the 10-yard-line.
WW: A lot of coaches have come through the high school this year looking at Theron and some of the other kids we have and none of them have been as impressive as Vanderbilt's. Man, they just do a great job. Those coaches came in there and they recruited Theron. I'll tell you what, I was in there on a lot of the conversation with their coaches and by the time we got through talking I was ready to strap it on and try it one more time. I'd have gave them all I had for about two plays and then I would have probably had to go to the hospital. They did a great job visiting with Theron and they sold him on that program. He can't wait to become a Commodore.

VM: What do you think attracted the Vanderbilt coaches most to Theron?
WW: Just his engine. I'm going to tell you, there hasn't been a scout that has come by that they watched him on film, they don't have to watch him but about four or five plays. We didn't put together a highlight tape. We didn't do anything like that. We sent everybody film, we sent some teams different films than the other ones. Just getting tapes out there because no matter who we played the kid is doing what he's supposed to do. It didn't matter who we were playing you were going to see his talent. The coach from Vanderbilt said he watched three series and but he did that just for the heck of it. He watched four plays and said he had to have him. I've had coaches come in and watch two plays and say "we want him now."

VM: So what other schools were recruiting Theron?
WW: I'm going to tell you, he chose Vanderbilt, and we emailed Vanderbilt and said, "Look, this guy is an intelligent kid and we think he can play," so we sent them a film and they immediately got back with us and came down the rest is kind of history. But Tennessee jumped on late when they heard about Theron through the grapevine somehow. But not a lot of people know about Theron but I know the coaches at Vanderbilt think he is something special. He's had offers from the Ivy League (Cornell), Arkansas State, Murray State, UT-Martin, pretty much whoever we came in contact with they wanted him. But he chose Vanderbilt and that's pretty much what we concentrated on. I'm sure if I'd have put it out more to Memphis and Ole Miss or some of the other SEC schools he'd have had plenty of offers but he want to be at Vanderbilt; he takes his academics as seriously as he does his athletics.

VM: When did he actually commit?
WW: About a week and a half or two weeks ago [from 8 Dec].

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