A Nicholl for My Thoughts

Vanderbilt versus Nicholls State. The battle of elderly mascots. The Colonels take on the Commodores. Time to put your money where your mouth is. Not that anyone has been talking trash, because there really isn't any trash to be talked. However, I haven't met an analogy I like more. Well, save for the following 14ish monetary references.

Get out your Nick Lachey vs. the delivery guy commercial clickers and start counting.

Lipscomb University, my alma mater, as I discussed in my article last week which, I am sure, you all read, played Nicholls State last night. Prior to the game, I was sitting, discussing the game with some friends. One friend cleverly commented that Nicholls State will spend all night "dropping dimes." (That means getting assists for those of you not so hip with the lingo, or those who still say the word lingo or watch the game show Lingo). The preceding and succeeding wordplay can be blamed, at least partially, on his one comment. It only takes a spark, and only I can prevent forest fires, so you're all out of luck. Lipscomb bested the Colonels by 20. Time for the $64,000 question: Shouldn't the Commodores win by 29? No. Logic like that really irks me. Another day, another dollar: While the same group of people may show up every night, the same team doesn't always appear. However, I believe Vandy has a squad that is worth its weight in gold. The Commodores will be just fine if they play anywhere near the level they played against Georgia Tech. That's just my two cents.

True story: I was in the waiting room in the hospital tonight, and there was a friendly mother and son across the isle from us. The kid looked very happy to be where he was, but his mother wasn't thrilled that she was there because the young man had swallowed a quarter. That's not an analogy and has nothing to do with basketball, but it's funny. A little. No offense to those who have treated their digestive systems like a Coinstar machine.

Moving on, you can bet your bottom dollar that the fans wouldn't mind seeing this game get so out of hand that the mystery man, rumored Rodriguez, might see some action. Don't look at me for your source on this guy. I'm just a fan. I don't know if he's even eligible to play. I don't even know if he even exists. All I've heard is that there's a new guy practicing with the squad. But if I was him, and I got in the game, I'd feel like a million bucks. I don't care if the 'Dores are scoring points by banking in threes or scoring from the charity stripe, just so long as they're scoring. I'm not calling for Nicholls State to cash in their chips, but I do hope the VU players all get to chip in on a victory. These smaller schools are a dime a dozen, and if the Commodores are going to schedule these teams, they need to rake in some solid victories.

You didn't like the cheesiest article ever, chock-full of money metaphors?

Here's a quarter, and, due to inflation and the unwillingness of country music to alter its lyrics to fit current market conditions, an additional dime. Call someone who cares.

Expect next week's article to be full of peso analogies.

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