VU football '07: Special Teams

The 2007 football season is still next year but it's never too early to talk Vanderbilt football on VandyMania. Today we continue our quick position-by-position look at the 2007 football squad and look at the special teams. Sure, position changes and roster moves are bound to happen but lets have some fun taking a look ahead.

PUNTER- Sophomore Brett Upson returns as punter.  He had a 37.4 yard average per punt in 2006.  Bryant Hahnfeldt, who was the punter in 2005, should be the backup.


KICKOFF- Bryant Hahnfeldt returns.  He had 52 kickoffs in 2006.


PLACEKICKER- Bryant Hahnfeldt was 8 of 17 on field goals in 2006.  His longest field goal was from 51 yards.   Hahnfeldt made 27 of 29 extra point attempts.  Upson will return as the backup.


HOLDER- Mackenzi Adams served as the holder in 2006 and will likely do so in 2007.


PUNT RETURNER- Alex Washington, who returned 10 punts for 5.6 yard average per return in 2006, returns. So does Earl Bennett, who returned 8 for a 4.1 yard average. 


KICK RETURNER- Alex Washington and Josh Allen both return; each averaged about 19 yards per return. Sean Walker saw duty late in the season with good results and could take over this job.


LONG SNAPPER- Sophomore Matt Quinn returns.


SNAPPER- Nick Miller returns. Top Stories