Goodnight 2006

The time to say goodbye to 2006 and goodbye to the Southern Conference is quickly approaching. Are you are looking for a beyond-last-minute-gift for a sports fan? Do you live in or around an NBA city? If you answered yes to these questions, you might want to frequent your local Goodwill.

Word on the street is that after January 1st, they will become the leading supplier of synthetic, PETA-approved, David Stern-endorsed basketballs. That's just one procrastinator looking out for another. Either that or that's just one procrastinator looking out for those super-overachievers who have already begun next year's Christmas shopping.

With the San Juan Shootout a year behind them, it's just about time for the Commodores to enter SEC play. I think it's a credit to college sports that Vanderbilt can travel to Puerto Rico to play Tennessee Tech. That may sound like a sarcastic statement. I haven't decided if it is or not. If it isn't, the tournament did manage to totally eliminate home court advantage. However, from everything I have heard about the tourney, they managed to eliminate fan support in general. Let's go out of the country to play in an empty gym. Sweet deal.

The Commodores closed out the year with a close win over Alabama A&M. No offense to the vowel ampersand consonant version of Alabama, but the game was a bit of a blowout. A&M's highlight reel consisted of #40, Mickell Gladness, who happened to weigh a buck fifteen, blocking 7 shots. As for the Commodores, it was nice to see Metcalfe back, and congratulations to David Rodriguez, who saw his first action in the VU victory.

Next on the schedule: Rice. I am not making a prediction about that game only because I predicted Rice in my College Bowl Pick ‘Em. We'll chalk that one up for a swing and a miss. Who knows how many of a possible 32 points I put on that game. "Oh! Me! I know! I know!" "Yes, Loren?" "27." "That's correct, loser." Apparently, I'm not cut out to be a Vegas odds-maker. I'm in 11th place out of 15 in the league. The only way I could consider that a positive is if it helped determine my tax bracket. On the bright side, I am number 94,108 in the nation. So to the 94,107 people that are ahead of me, who I am positive are reading this, congratulations. I could take that record and predict the Commodores to beat Rice like I believe they will… Or I could pick Rice to win simply because I generally miss the mark on the whole prediction thing and am scared of my own misfortune. So, I'll leave it up to you. If you want to read the win prediction and take that one as fact, go right ahead. If you want to read that I am a terrible predictor and take my loss prediction, that's your Bobby Brown prerogative.

To close out this week's article, if you choose to call it that, let's talk VU recruiting. Many people seem to think that The Ohio State's Greg Oden is fairly serious about this college thing. Serious like he might actually be in college for a tiny bit more than just basketball. Maybe he figures you only live once, and since he already looks like he's 45 years old, he might as well have a college degree by the time he looks 50. Anyway, my question is as follows: Can we use the Richard Kovalcheck rule and get Oden for graduate school and a bonus year of eligibility? Speaking of Kovalcheck, if the rumor regarding J.P. Prince is true, I'd like to thank Richard for helping make the Arizona Wildcats into a farm club for Vanderbilt athletics. Anyway, Get Greg Oden. Start the campaign. That needs to be someone's New Year's Resolution. I don't think I have quite that much pull yet. Just a suggestion. Now get to work on it. Please. Top Stories