Around the SEC

SEC men's basketball play gets underway on Saturday. Lets take a quick look around the SEC and see who's hot and who is not.


Record: 13-1 Ranking: #8

Star players: Richard Hendrix (15 ppg), Jermareo Davidson (15 ppg), Alonzo Gee (15 ppg).

Most impressive win: at North Carolina State, 82-75.

Worst Loss: at Notre Dame, 99-85.


Record: 11-3 Ranking: NR

Star players: Patrick Beverley (14 ppg), Charles Thomas (13 ppg).

Most impressive win: West Virginia, 71-64.

Worst Loss: at Missouri, 86-64.


Record: 10-5 Ranking: NR

Star players: Korvotney Barber (13.5 ppg), Rasheem Barrett (12 ppg).

Most impressive win: Louisiana-Monroe, 81-60.

Worst Loss: at Southern Miss, 56-54.


Record: 13-2 Ranking: #3

Star players: Taurean Green (14 ppg), Al Horford (13 ppg), Corey Brewer (13 ppg).

Most impressive win: Ohio State, 86-60.

Worst Loss: at Florida State, 70-66.


Record: 8-4 Ranking: NR

Star players: Mike Mercer (16 ppg), Takais Brown (15 ppg).

Most impressive win: Gonzaga, 96-83.

Worst Loss: Georgia Tech, 78-69.


Record: 11-3 Ranking: #34

Star players: Randolph Morris (17 ppg), Ramel Bradley (13 ppg).

Most impressive win: at Louisville, 61-49.

Worst Loss: at Memphis, 80-63.


Record: 10-3 Ranking: #14

Star players: Glen Davis (20 ppg), Tasmin Mitchell (14 ppg).

Most impressive win: Texas A&M, 64-52.

Worst Loss: Wichita State, 57-53.

Mississippi State

Record: 9-4 Ranking: NR

Star players: Jamont Gordon (15 ppg), Barry Stewart (12 ppg).

Most impressive win: at Miami (Fla.) 70-52.

Worst Loss: Winthrop, 74-63.

Ole Miss

Record: 11-3 Ranking: NR

Star players: Bam Doyne (18 ppg), Clarence Sanders (16 ppg).

Most impressive win: Tennessee Tech, 86-77.

Worst Loss: at Saint Louis, 59-56.

South Carolina

Record: 10-2 Ranking: NR

Star players: Tre Kelley (17 ppg), Brandon Wallace (12 ppg).

Most impressive win: at USC, 80-74.

Worst Loss: at UC-Irvine, 67-52.


Record: 12-2 Ranking: #19

Star players: Chris Lofton (22 ppg), JaJuan Smith (15 ppg).

Most impressive win: Oklahoma State, 79-77.

Worst Loss: Butler, 56-44.


Record: 10-4 Ranking: NR

Star players: Shan Foster (15 ppg), Derrick Byars (14 ppg).

Most impressive win: Georgia Tech 73-64.

Worst Loss: Furman, 70-62.

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