Sanders: Don't sell your tix!

So I drove down to Natchez Trace and moseyed on down to a corner and held up my ticket. Some orange-clad ruffian came and gave me $30 for it. Not bad. Sure, it doesn't buy me a Vandy rally towel or a chance to see Alan Metcalfe's ridiculous rejection, but it's still cash. That's like 30 Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers with no lettuce or tomato. Then I got back in my car and drove home.

Come to find out that Wednesday night's game was the game of the year in Vanderbilt basketball. The following is hearsay and, according to Law & Order, would not be admissible in a court of law. I heard the Commodores welcomed into Memorial the Tennessee Volunteers and Bruce Pearl, who dressed up for the occasion. The Vols' head coach looked like a crossing guard who lost his whistle in the rainstorm he walked 5 miles through.

Then there was the issue that was Chris Lofton. The young man did not miss. He just didn't. I guess he figured missing any shot he took was not in his best interest, so he chose not to. That's what led to the Commodores' decision not to give UT a three in the last 5 seconds of the game. Vanderbilt knew, better than I did, that giving the Vols a dunk in the closing seconds was the best thing for the ‘Dores. Derrick Byars weathered a foul and a timeout to take the ball to the rack. Sure he missed, but what are teammates for? Shan Foster did like those birds in the Windex commercials (You know, when they make the man run into the door. That's funny) and cleaned the glass, putting in the rebound at the buzzer. If there was a buzzer. No one really heard one. Finally, there was the celebration which included, but was not limited to, loud noises, the players coming over and fellowshipping with the fans, and a tear-jerking rendition of the Steam classic "Kiss Him Goodbye".

Public Address Announcer: Thirty second timeout, stretched to a full.

What a week it has been thus far. Congratulations to the Florida Gators. Nothing against The Ohio State, they were a solid team all year long. Just maybe they were built up to be a little better than the actual product. There's a little difference in being hailed by the media as surefire National Champs and actually going out there and winning it. By a little difference, I mean little like the difference in going to the doctor with a sore throat and asking for some insight and going to the doctor with a sore throat and asking for some Enzyte.

Here's to the SEC. I would much rather see great teams come into Vandy every week and watch a competitive game than watch us play in a less competitive conference – even if it meant more wins for the ‘Dores. These National Champion Gators came into Dudley this year and we played them to a 25-19 final score. That followed up last year's double overtime thriller where Earl Bennett fell victim to the 15-yard anti-"I'm a Little Teapot"-arm-movement penalty in the Swamp.

Football, basketball, hopscotch, whatever sport you want, the SEC is near, if not at, the top of all the conferences. I like it. You should too. I know all of the readers that make up my SWAC contingent value my opinion enough to switch their devotion to the Southeastern variety of conferences.

Most of what you just read is true. Not that selling my ticket part. Top Stories