T.J. Greenstone Talks of Visit to Nashville

Scout.com caught up with T.J. Greenstone Sunday night as he shared his thoughts about his visit to Vanderbilt University.

‘‘I just hung out with the other recruits and ate a lot of food," T.J. Greenstone said. "It was nice to meet all my future teammates and get to know some of them."

"I talked to some academic counselors, and we discussed my possibilities. They answered all my questions. It was all I could hope for. I also got to talk with coach Johnson today before I left, and that went well. I will stay at defensive tackle."

Greenstone talked of his deciding factor for choosing the Commodores.

"One thing was Coach Logo, my DL coach," Greenstone said. "He is amazing. He explained my position to me and showed me things that will help me. I talked to guys that were leaving, and they all said they wished they had more time with him."

"Also, I'll get to play in the SEC, which is a great conference. I'll get one of the best educations available."

Greenstone also informed Scout.com of his intentions of visiting other schools.

"No, I will not visit any other schools," he stated.

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