Sanders: Fulmer should go shirtless

Bruce Pearl sheds his shirt, paints himself orange, and is all over television. Welcome to the world we live in. The University of Tennessee men's basketball head coach apparently couldn't help himself. If a coach wants to have fun, or at least allow everyone else fun at his expense, let him be.

Pearl needs to coach his players up on how to properly wear a headband. It's to be worn around the head, not as a Kippah.

I certainly hope that Kevin Stallings doesn't suddenly develop an urge to come to a Lady ‘Dores game wearing nothing but a pair of slacks and loafers. But if he does, let him come. Get that visual image seared into your minds quickly: Stallings painted up, whistling, and stomping. Now that's fan support. Ol' Bruce is in good shape. I guess all that sweating and getting kicked out of high school games has got to keep a man looking fairly trim.

Part of me wishes it was Fulmer. That part of me is not my eyes, mind you. Just imagine Phil Fulmer, shirtless, in your living room on your HD DLP SXRD LCD TV. Remember when they used to be just TV's? I've been cruising this earth for twenty-one years with TV's, and these little whippersnappers come in here and think they can sell me a bunch of letters? Initials are free, kid. I've got three on me at all times.

I was quite ill all last week. Thank you for your cards. If you forgot a card, monetary donations are not only allowed, but appreciated. Anyway, it seems while Vandy was stomping a mud hole in Alabama, I was lying unconscious on the couch. My illness stumped the doctors. Don't let that get you down though. They only went to school for more years than I have been on the planet. Stay in school, kids. They thought I had the flu. The nice lady even rooted for the flu test to be positive. That was an interesting feeling. Seems the alternative was Meningitis. Flu was negative. So was the alternative, I got the spinal tap to prove it. I still don't know if anyone really ever told me what was wrong with me. Oh well, I have drugs, so everything's alright.

I thought that the VanderbiltKentucky game was great though. I was sick, and I was going to get to watch something truly entertaining on television. I watched the first half, then switched off for halftime, and of course back for the second half. I watched the first few minutes of the second half, then I woke up. On Sunday. Congratulations, Commodores on being able to play to the best of your abilities when I am pulling a Rip Van Winkle.

I saw the UT victory, so at least I didn't totally miss out on the recent big wins. Plus it's nice to not feel the superstitious need to fall asleep during every Vanderbilt game from now until they lose. I might just have done it. Anyway, that is all for now. Time to take another pill.

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