5 minutes with David Rodriguez

Vanderbilt's David Rodriguez doesn't know the meaning of the word "quit" and that's one of the main reasons he's part of this fine Vanderbilt team. Read on to learn more about the Sarasota, Fla. native and how he ended up in the black and gold.

VandyMania: Tell us a little about your background.
David Rodriguez: Our high school really didn't do that much. We had like a district championship my junior year. My biggest thing in the high school years was that I played a lot of AAU, about 5 years. My team my last year went to the nationals so that was great for me in terms of experience. I played with a lot of great guys and had great coaches. High school was great but I probably learned the most in AAU.

VM: Did you come to Vanderbilt first and then decide to walk on once you got here?
DR: I did. I was being recruited by a few small schools and I was just kind of weighing my options of playing at a smaller school or getting a great education here. So originally I came here to sacrifice basketball. I was hoping to try out and walk on. I walked on my freshman year and didn't make it can came out again this year and didn't make it initially but they ended up calling me a couple weeks later and saying they needed a guy.

VM: How did you feel when you got that call?
DR: Very pleasantly surprised. I was shocked but I wanted to run with it.

VM: How many other guys were walking on?
DR: My freshman year there were 4; this year about 20.

VM: Have you gotten in for any games?
DR: Actually my first day dressing I got in for about 2 minutes against Alabama A&M. Right now I'm just contributing wherever I can in practice.

David Rodriguez (VM/Don Yates)

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