Interview: Vanderbilt's Alex Gordon

The development of junior point guard Alex Gordon has been key aspect of the success of the 2006-07 Commodore baskeball team. VandyMania talked with Alex during a rare few free minutes from his busy schedule.

VandyMania: How things been going Red?
Alex Gordon: Everything's been pretty good. We got that big win against Georgia on Saturday; 6-3 now in the league.

VM: I thought you were supposed to get a couple of days off or have you already had a day off?
AG: We had Sunday off and we have tomorrow off so we could come and get some work done today getting ready for UT.

VM: I I was really rooting for you because I know several VU players have went home and beat their home states but you didn't quite get that on Wednesday.
AG: We had them there for a half but they've got to come here still. It was a good game and it was good to be back home in front of some of the people I went to school but like I said, they've got to come here. Hopefully they'll still be number 1.

VM: Yeah, it looks like things have been picking up here. I know the Georgia game was jam-packed.
AG: We've got great fan support this year. It seems like every game is sold out. Down the stretch having that fan support and momentum helps carry you over the hump.

VM: The team started off kind of slow, losing to Furman, and there was a lot of screaming and yelling going on with some of the fans and media. What do you think the big difference is that has helped this team turn into a Top 25 team?
AG: It's just one of those things where you just have to keep on fighting. Right off the bat we played against Georgetown and Wake Forest. Wake Forest, we played okay but I think we picked up our defensive play a lot more. We have Derrick Byars, Shan Foster and Dan Cage and those guys are great shooters. Just about everybody on our team can shoot and pass the ball well. When we get clicking on offense it's pretty hard to guard us.

VM: I You've been sharing time with Jermaine Beal. How do you feel about that?
AG: It's just one of those situations where you have to be committed to the team and do whatever the coach asks.

VM: I You've got a big game Saturday at Tennessee.
AG: Oh yeah. Tennessee is our rival and we are going to prepare hard this week and be ready for a 40-minute battle.

VM: I It's looking like Chris Lofton is going to be back for UT. I heard Coach Stallings was asked this morning in his press conference, "how do you stop Chris Lofton?" and he mentioned that you guys did a good job guarding him in the last game here but he still scored 29.
AG: He's one of the best shooters in the country. Anytime you win I guess that's slowing him down. As long as we get that 'W' that's what counts. He could score 50 but if we win that's what counts.

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