Interview: Vanderbilt's Ted Skuchas

Senior Ted Skuchas has has made a solid contribution to the Commodore team during its recent winning surge. VandyMania talked with Ted about a variety of subjects including his bone crushing pick of a Georgia guard during Saturday's game at Memorial Gym.

VandyMania: How's it going Big Ted?
Ted Skuchas: It's good I mean the season is going well for us. We are playing good basketball right now.

VM: I asked you back in November what your goals were for the season and you said "Just continue the tradition of winning Commodore basketball," Do think you've succeeded in that?
TS: I think we are having a heck of a season. We are just trying to keep the train rolling. We are playing good basketball and we are playing consistently. That's all you could ask for.

VM: After the 1-3 start you guys turned it around. What do you think were some of the keys to that turnaround?
TS: I think we just came out every day just wanting to win and knowing that we could and just come out every day and work as hard as we could so we could put ourselves in a position that we could start winning games. It's early on in the season and it's a long season. People say "you only have 30 games" and what not, but you have to look at the fact that we practice long hours so all we could do is come out with the mindset of making a turnaround. We came out with that mindset and now we are reaping the benefits now.

VM: Coach Stallings said several times that his goal is for you guys to just get better every day. Is that something that is drilled into you guy's head?
TS: I think that is just the mentality of this team, that we come out with the attitude that we just need to get better every day. We have a lot of things to improve on. That's why we come out; we are not satisfied or content with what we just did. We are happy that we are doing that and that we are able to have some of the wins we've had. We have a lot more games to play and so you can't be content, you just have to keep coming out so you can get better and continue to win.

VM: Looking ahead to Tennessee, you are a fifth year senior; what would it mean to you to be able to sweep Tennessee during your senior year?
TS: Tennessee is a good team and if we come out and play our game we could put ourselves in a position to do that. It's one of those things were it's another game and we just need to come out and play like that. Tennessee is an in-state rivalry and we need to come out and play hard so we can do that. It's away from home and we know they gave us a good run before. We know things that we need to improve on from that game so we can have a more consistent game this time.

VM: Talk a little about the Georgia game. I know you had a little collision there with a Georgia player. Where you trying to kill that guy [laughter]?
TS: [smiles] I was just setting a screen. It was legal. You do what you have to do to come out with a win.

VM: I know I'm hearing a lot of "Skoos" from the crowd. How does that make you feel?
TS: It's nice to know that the fans support me and they show appreciation for how hard I play and what I can do. We try to just give them a good show every time we come out.

VM: I talked to your high school coach before you came to Vandy and he said you averaged about 10 blocks a game there. Now we are seeing more blocks from you. I think you had 4 blocks in two straight games. Are you doing anything differently in that department?
TS: Just trying to utilize experience and knowledge of when is a good time to go for a block and when not to. It's all experience.

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