Vanderbilt's Foster: Trust is the key

He's been a star since he stepped foot on campus at Vanderbilt. However, he's never seen his team as successful as it has been this season. Shan Foster talks about some of the keys to his team's chemistry this season.

Don Yates: How the season coming along, you must be happy with the results so far?
Shan Foster: We are playing very well right now. Our team chemistry has come a great distance from the beginning of the season until now. Unfortunately we gave away some games we felt we could have won but we took some games as well. We are playing well right now but our focus is to get better every day.

DY: So you guys are just looking to the future.
SF: Definitely you've got to look to the future and just play it one game at a time. You can't do anything about those games way back then. All you can do is just prepare as well as you can for the ones coming up.

DY: What are some of the things that helped improved the team's chemistry as the season went along?
SF: Just being around each other so much and trusting each other and going out there and fighting for each other. It feels good out there on the court when you are out there with your brothers and you know they are giving it all they've got. You are not afraid to make mistakes because you've got each other's backs.

DY: It looks like you guys are running a lot better offense; it's more fluid. Your passing is very crisp and is leaving the defense in its tracks. Like you said, it's trust. You throw that ball and you know that guy is going to be there.
SF: Yeah, we have a lot of unselfish guys on this team and we also have a bunch of guys that can score. Like you said, we pretty much know where each other is going to be and what they are going to do. We have so much trust and faith in each other that the sky is the limit as long as we continue to get better every day.

DY: I think your confidence as far as your shooting has improved too. Seemed like you guys couldn't throw it in the ocean against Furman but now you are just ripping everything.
SF: Yes, that comes down to confidence, that comes with having faith in each other. We are playing more together than we have ever before. That has a lot to do with it, we are working hard and we bring the same mentality to practice as we do to games as well.

DY: Defensively you guys have really picked it up too, shutting down several opponents.
SF: We trust our coaching staff. They put together great scouting reports and we just try to go out there and execute. We just have the type of swagger that isn't not going to be easy to score on us.

DY: How did it feel to go down to your home state of Louisiana and come away with a big win over a ranked LSU team?
SF: It felt good but by the same token we have to bring that same intensity every night no matter who we are playing.

DY: What are your thoughts on UT?
SF: They are coming off a big win against LSU and they have Chris back. We now that Bruce Pearl is going to do a good job getting them prepared and ready to play. We look forward to it.

DY: Did you watch their game against LSU the other night?
SF: Yes, I did.

DY: Did your team get together and watch it together.
SF: No, it wasn't that serious (laughs).

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